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Sculpey® Bake Shop Little Cactus

Sculpey® Bake Shop Little Cactus

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This adorable cactus will remain sprightly and green even if you have a “black thumb” with plants! COMPLETION TIME: 40 Minutes to make and bake Designed by Amy Koranek
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  • Little terra Cotta pot
  • Aluminum foil
  • Toothpicks (3)
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Project Instructions

Step 1

Getting Started:

 Please make sure your work area is covered and you are not working on an unprotected surface.  We recommend working on the Sculpey Tools™ Oven-Safe Work Mat, wax paper, metal baking sheet or disposable foil. Uncured clay may damage unprotected furniture or finished surfaces.  Be sure to cover your crafting area appropriately.

Step 2

Crumple aluminum foil and press it into the little pot. Add enough foil to fill the pot to within 1/4” from the top.

Step 3

Push three toothpicks into the foil leaving at least 1.5” sticking up to provide support for the cacti structure.

Chop up little bits of Brown clay and add to the area
between the toothpicks because this area will be hard to reach once the cacti
are in place.

Step 4

Mix the bars of Green and Yellow completely together.

Step 5

This will make a nice green color and you will have plenty of clay to make a nice sized cactus.

Step 6

Make thick pads and push them down onto the toothpicks for the base of each cactus.

Step 7

And smaller pads to each base completely covering the toothpicks.

Step 8

Keep adding pads as you like.

Step 9

Add more chopped Brown around the base of each cactus for dirt.

Step 10

Use the tip of the tools to add texture to the cacti.

Step 11

Push little balls of Pink one at a time to the tip of the pointed tool.

Step 12

Push each flower into place with the pointed tool. Add as many flowers as you like.

Bake following the baking instructions for Bake Shop and allow to cool completely before handling.