Working with Polymer Clay Scraps

Working with scrap polymer clay can yield the most wonderful, unique and unexpected results! I love consciously re-using and reworking my scrap clay (both raw and cured). And the management of my scrap clay stash is a big part of my studio organisation. 

Polymer clay is plastic. I like to think of plastic as a precious material (rather than a material to avoid working with) and not to be wasted or used frivolously.

How you can utilize your scrap clay.

“Blurple” clay

Scrap clay that has mixed into a muddy grey colour can be used extensively, don’t be deceived!

It can be used to make texture stamps and tools. It can be used as a base for a thin slab (or veneer) that won’t be seen.

Muddy clay is great to make prototypes with and to try new texturing tools on. 

Create new colours!

Scraps that are similar in colour can be mixed together to form amazing, bright new one-off colours. You’re only problem here is when you create a wonderful new colour, you may find it hard to recreate as there’s no recipe!

Create a new cane from your slab skeletons

After you pull away the remaining slab after your shapes have been cut out, keep the leftovers! Chop it up and add some extras pinches of colour, and create a cane out of it!

Cane end scraps, the most precious of all scraps!

I love working with these highly detailed leftovers. I create new canes with them to use to create new slabs and veneers.

Using cured clay scraps

Whenever I drill holes in my components, I will keep the drilling shavings! I use these to create granite clay and I also use them in resin. Imperfect cured pieces of polymer clay can be chopped up and incorporated into raw clay to also create a granite effect.

Baked clay scrap mixed into resin
Baked clay scrap mixed into bar clay

Mokume Gane Scraps

 Mokume gane gives me such wonderful scraps! To start with, I can reuse those initial slices as decorative elements.

While the general leftovers can be worked into twisted tube beads like these. These scraps are so full of colour and detail!

Share your favorite Sculpey scrap mixes with us by using the hashtag #HowDoYouSculpey.

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