Wetting Polymer Clay

Using quality polymer clays such as Sculpey Premo™, Sculpey III®, Sculpey® Soufflé and Super Sculpey® gives your imagination a chance to soar. We engineer our quality polymer clay to be supple and soft until your project is finished and you’re ready to bake it in your home oven. Embrace your creativity to make jewelry, ornaments and anything else you imagine!

Can I Use Water to Smooth Sculpey?

Here’s some good news — you don’t need to use water with Sculpey polymer clay. With other types of clay, you may need to keep adding water because they can dry out, but Sculpey polymer clay stays workable and soft so that you can focus on creating jewelry or perfecting your craft.

In fact, you should not use water on Sculpey or with polymer clay, as it can make the clay brittle. Sculpey polymer clay does not require water to stay workable. It stays true-to-size on its own and won’t expand or shrink, so you can get the dimensions just right.

Can Sculpey Clay Get Wet?

Sculpey polymer clay should not get wet while you’re working with it to ensure your final jewelry, ornament or other creations are more durable. Once you’ve made your craft and baked it in a home oven, the final piece can withstand water. You can use Sculpey® glaze to make the piece more resistant to water, though not fully waterproof.

Can You Wet Sculpey Clay?

Wetting Sculpey clay is not recommended because it will make the clay brittle. If your polymer clay is too stiff, you can improve its flexibility by conditioning it. You can use a clay conditioning machine or knead the clay by hand to make it more malleable.

You can also make your polymer clay softer and more pliable with either Sculpey® Thinner and Clay Softener or Sculpey® Solid Clay Conditioner. Simply add a bit of the solid or liquid conditioner to your clay and incorporate it. Keep adding conditioner, a bit at a time, until your clay has the consistency you need.

If you’ve made your clay too soft, just place the clay on some white, plain paper for a few hours to firm the clay slightly. Computer paper is ideal for this.

See Where Your Imagination Takes You

If you’re ready to start working with crafter-friendly polymer clay that stays soft and doesn’t require wetting, try Sculpey polymer clay. Our clay has been the choice of clayers and crafters for more than 50 years and we proudly make our products in the U.S.

Polymer clay is made from a synthetic polymer known as polyvinyl chloride (PVC). PVC and the additional ingredients in polymer clay make polymer clay creations durable and true-to-size when finished. The PVC base of the clay also makes this clay very easy to work with, without the need for water to rehydrate.

Sculpey is available in many exciting colors as well as glow-in-the-dark, granite and metallic options. You can also paint your final project and use Sculpey to imitate the look of wood, porcelain or stone. The sky is the limit, so browse all the exciting Sculpey products today!

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