Using Polymer Clay in Fish Tanks or Snow Globes

Being a pet parent isn’t relegated to having a pooch or a kitty as your best friend. Many pet enthusiasts love their fish, snails and other aquarium creatures just as much as any other pet! You can give your swimmers some variety in their tanks in the form of decorations.

This is where Sculpey® oven-bake polymer clay comes into the picture! It’s the ideal material to make everything from caves to pirate ships for your fish friends. If you haven’t used polymer clay in your fish tank decor, you’ll want to try it soon.

Is Polymer Clay Safe for Aquatic Life?

People want the best for their pets, so the often first question they ask is whether it’s safe to create polymer clay treasures and trinkets for an aquarium. It’s absolutely safe as long as the polymer clay piece has been properly cured. Once you’ve baked polymer clay, it’s well suited to go underwater.

You’ll find that polymer clay can be submerged in water without any problem. It’s heavy enough to sit on the bottom of your fish tank or rest on rocks, gravel and maybe a pirate ship or two! Since polymer clay is non-toxic, it won’t change the pH level of the water, either. You can feel good about introducing your aquatic BFFs to lots of polymer clay figurines and hiding spots.

What About Snow Globes?

Since we’re talking about making polymer clay items to go in the water, it’s worth mentioning snow globes. Snow globe enthusiasts like to mix up their snow globe “universes” from time to time. Whether you’re making your own snow globe or adding to an existing one, you can feel confident that your Sculpey® polymer clay projects will look terrific.

Tips for Making Polymer Clay Crafts for Fish Tanks or Snow Globes

Not sure how to get started? Launch your imagination with a package of Sculpey® and these tips:

  • Start small: You don’t have to make your first Sculpey® fish tank decorations large. Tiny tunnels are wonderful, particularly if you have smaller, sleek fish.
  • Go for color: It’s fun to add pops of visual appeal to your tank. Remember that your fish won’t mind if you make a hot pink cave! They’ll just appreciate having new areas to explore.
  • Switch up your polymer clay fish tank decor from time to time: Fish and their friends need variety, too!

Why wait to surprise your aquatic pals with something special? Grab some Sculpey® today!

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