Using Baby Wipes With Polymer Clay

Baby wipes are a must-have when it comes to working with polymer clay. Baby wipes are incredibly versatile and provide an easy way to keep your work surface, tools and hands clean. 

You can also use baby wipes to delicately clean unsightly overflow areas of paint on your polymer clay. Let’s say you are creating an intricate design and paint a little out of the lines. A baby wipe will help keep your colors and designs the way you want them by erasing stray marks or splashes of color. 

How to Use Baby Wipes to Clean Your Polymer Clay Work Area 

Baby wipes are best used to:

  • Clean your table and hands.
  • Wipe any blades you use to slice polymer clay canes. Anytime you need to slice a thick slab of clay with a craft knife to reduce drag, wipe the blade regularly with baby wipes. 

Clean Your Pasta Machine With Baby Wipes 

Have you ever taken a fresh sheet of polymer clay and ran it through your pasta machine, only to find the surface littered with bits of old clay, specks, lint or even glitter? The reason for this is a dirty pasta machine! 

The good news is that baby wipes are perfect for cleaning any pasta machine used for your polymer clay creations.

To clean your pasta machine with baby wipes:

  1. Take a dry paper towel and wipe away any stray crumbles of clay, dirt or other debris from the machine’s surface. 
  2. Use baby wipes to clean the top and then sides of the pasta machine. 
  3. Make sure to rotate the rollers with your other hand when wiping them down to ensure all surfaces get cleaned. 
  4. Focus on the areas where the rollers touch the machine since clay tends to get stuck in the grooves. 
  5. Take a new, clean baby wipe and start to wipe down the underside of the machine. Pay special attention to the areas where the rollers meet the scrapers. 
  6. For best results, wipe down your pasta machine with baby wipes between colors. 

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