Useful Tools for Every Clayer

Whether you’re a beginner or been sculpting for some time, using tools to help you create your piece is essential. From adding small details, conditioning clay, slab making, and much more; you can pretty much do anything! Here are a few tools that I use for just about any project that will be sure to help you on your clay journey!

  • Smooth work surface

During my clay journey, I’ve worked on numerous surfaces, and I found that my favorite to work on is a simple glass slab. Not only is it a great smooth surface, but it also makes clean up an easy task and can be cleaned with household cleaner. Since my glass surface is small, I like to hold it closer to my face to help with small details. Other work surfaces I recommend is ceramic tile which can also be used to bake your pieces. Sculpey’s Work n Bake Clay Mat is a great way to start out, not only is it bendable and provides a smooth surface to work on, but it also works as a baking mat!

  • Needle Tools

Needle tools are among one of the most essential tools for any clay piece. I use it in a variety of ways from adding small details, blending on attachments, adding texture, and much more. My favorite needle tool is a part of Sculpey Tools Essential Tool Kit, not only is it a fine needle point but it’s very strong and lasts through unlimited amounts of creations.

  • Dotting Tools

Various dotting tools are a great tool to use when you’re looking to add texture, make eye placers, and more.

  • Blades

Another absolute must have to any clay maker are clay blades. My fa vorite blades to use are Sculpey’s Bendy Blade and an X-Acto Knife. This helps cut clay in half, make small bendy smiles, scrape dust particles, and more.

  • Clay Machine

One of my top favorite clay tools is a Clay Machine. Though this is not needed, it is a great help to clay creating. Not only does it help tremendously with conditioning, but it also helps make even sheets of clay with numerous thickness settings. If you’re into clay caning or slab making, this may be your next best purchase.

  • Acrylic Roller

Acrylic Rollers are a great alternative to a clay machine. You can make large/thick sheets of clay by hand and you can also condition your clay with the help of clay softener if you find your clay to be a little tough.

What is your favorite tool to use with clay? Take a photo of it and post it with the hashtag #HowDoYouSculpey

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