Top Project Ideas for Living Doll Polymer Clay

Clayers of all skill levers can create amazing figurines with Super Sculpey Living Doll™ polymer clay. However, it may be a little tough to know where to begin when it comes to starting this type of project.

If you love the idea of shaping everything from life-like doll heads to fantastic creatures out of Super Sculpey Living Doll™, you’ll appreciate this tutorial and accompanying hints.

1. Sketch out Your Thoughts

Visualizing your project is so much easier when you sketch your design on paper. You don’t have to be a great artist — just flesh out an idea of your ultimate goal. Try to include estimates as to how big your polymer clay piece will be.

2. Invest in the Right Tools

Once you have a better idea of how you want your finished project to look, make certain you have the right materials and tools on hand. These materials can include everything from wires to make figurine frames to special cutters and sculpting equipment.

3. Pick the Best Shade of Super Sculpey Living Doll™ Polymer Clay

We offer Super Sculpey Living Doll™ in a variety of color palettes to match the tone you need. Remember that you may want to mix and match, especially if your figurine will require various hues.

4. Take Your Time With Construction

What’s one of the best attributes of polymer clay? It doesn’t dry out! This ability means you can take your time as you craft. You aren’t in any rush to ensure fine lines like facial folds or eyelids come out exactly the way you want. The more unhurried the process at the beginning, the happier you’re likely to be after you cure your piece.

5. Consider Your First Try a Prototype

Your first Super Sculpey Living Doll™ polymer clay figure may not come out exactly the way you pictured. That’s okay! Use it as a learning experience to get better at forming realistic people, animals and imaginative creatures. Part of the excitement and fun of working with polymer clay involves experimentation.

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At Sculpey®, we’re passionate about bringing you lots of ideas to inspire all your polymer clay projects. Be sure to check out our newest How To pages to give you more insights on ways to use all the polymer clay you buy, such as this gorgeous sculpture. If you can dream it, we’re here to help you make it come to life!

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