Tips for Using Cutters With Your Clay

What Are Polymer Clay Cutters Used For?

Clay cutters are among the most versatile tools in your artistic toolkit. Because you can use your Sculpey® clay cutters across various craft types, they’re great multi-purpose utensils for your clay collection. Whether you want to create complex designs or add extra detail to a penholder, our clay cutters will make your project even easier and give you more control over your design.

Some of the best uses for our clay cutters include projects such as:

  • Small items: Whether you want to create an ornate pencil holder or a small figurine, polymer clay cutters can -make it even easier to cut small shapes. 
  • Household objects: To spice up your interior decoration, use polymer cutters to create eye-catching bowls, coasters, and picture frames.
  •  Jewelry pieces: Because clay cutters give you extra precision, they’re a great tool for creating rings, bracelets, necklaces, and more.
  • Mixed media: With clay cutters, you can easily cut out your desired clay shape and add it to an object around your house for a bold accent. Experiment with mixed-media techniques and try out new ideas to discover what works for you!

Many people love sculpting polymer clay because it’s a bit sticky and tacky. These properties help you use polymer clay to make marvelous creations. However, the stickiness can be a challenge if your clay sticks to your cutters.

When you’re working with Sculpey® polymer clay, you can get a precise cut no matter what type of cutter you use. Follow some of these tried-and-true tips that many other Sculpey® lovers have happily shared.

Try Using Plastic Wrap

Plastic wrap isn’t just for use with food — it can also help you get a perfectly rounded edge when you use it while cutting clay. 

First, lay your sheet of clay flat on your work surface. Make sure you lay it down very carefully to avoid forming any air bubbles underneath the clay. Next, rip off an appropriately sized piece of plastic cling wrap. Meticulously lay it on top of your polymer clay, making sure that it does not wrinkle in the process. If it does start to wrinkle, pull it off the clay and start over as you want a completely smooth surface.

At this point, you can push your cutter onto the plastic wrap and press down until you have completely cut your clay shape. Chances are your plastic wrap will not cut, especially if you are using plastic cutters.

Remove the cutter and slowly peel the plastic wrap off your clay shape. Then, use a clay blade or scraper tool to lift up the beautifully cut clay piece from your workstation. Your masterpiece is ready for the oven or your next sculpting step.

Dust Your Cutters With a Bit of Cornstarch

Do you find that your cutters tend to grip and hold your polymer clay no matter what you do? Try lightly dusting the inside and outside with some cornstarch or baking powder. 

You don’t need much of it to create a barrier between the cutter and clay. Use a paintbrush to cover the cutter, or dip the cutter in the cornstarch or baking powder and tap off the excess before cutting.

Mist Your Cutters With Water

Sometimes, all it takes to prevent polymer clay from sticking to cutters is water mist. Place some water in an empty misting bottle, then give the inside of your cutters a quick spritz.

Avoid saturating your cutters — all you need is enough water to reduce the friction zones between the clay and cutter.

Tips for Using and Organizing Polymer Clay Cutting Tools

Storing your cutters will keep them accessible and in the best condition possible. With proper storage, you will always know where to find the tools you’re looking for to make your project complete. Try some of our organization tips for properly storing your Sculpey®  clay cutters:

  • Use the right box: To keep your clay cutters in their original shape, store them in a sturdy box. You can use a repurposed box or a container made specifically for storage. Regardless, the box should be strong enough to help the cutters maintain their shape and prevent warping or bending.
  • Try clear packaging: While it’s not crucial to use a clear container or a transparent box to store your clay cutters, clear packaging can make it even easier to find your desired cutter when you need it. You’ll be able to easily locate exactly what you need to save time and hassle.
  • Nest them together: Clay cutters typically come in packages, so some of your cutters will be different sizes but have the same shape. This way, you can stack them together and store them in similar groups organized by shape. 
  • Designate a cutter drawer: Organizing your polymer clay tools is a great way to ensure you can find exactly what you want when you’re in the middle of a project, so use a specific drawer for each of your Sculpey® cutters.

Clay Cutters and Jewelry-Making Tools From Sculpey®

Whatever creation you have in mind, our clay cutters and can bring it to life. If you have a specific piece of jewelry you’re envisioning, our high-quality cutters and jewelry-making tools will give you the accuracy you need to create a one-of-a-kind piece. Whether you’re following a guide or tutorial, working from a picture, or creating a custom piece, you can use our clay cutters to add fine details and precise shapes to any project.

With our clay cutters, you’ll have a blast making your creations since our exact edges will do all the work for you. Plus, they’re easy to use. Whether you try our Sculpey® metal cutters or our other Sculpey Tools™, you’ll have no problem incorporating them into your clay routine. Our clay cutters are perfect tools for both professionals and beginners. If you’re interested in making a unique polymer creation of your own, these are the tools for you!

Experiment With Your Sculpey® Clay

Using cutters with polymer clay is a tried-and-true method to take your ideas from concept to creation. Never let a little sticking get in the way of making your Sculpey® polymer clay dreams come true!

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