10 Tips for Baking Your Polymer Clay Projects

Ten Tips for getting the best results when baking your clay creations!

  1. It’s safe to bake your polymer clay in your home oven or toaster oven!
  2. Always use an oven thermometer when baking polymer clay.
  3. Always pre-heat your oven prior to baking polymer clay.
  4. To keep the back of your clay from being shiny, bake on a piece of copy paper or an index card.
  5. Baking surfaces include metal plans, glass, ceramic tiles, index cards & batting.
  6. To prevent brown spots from oven spikes, tent your work with aluminum foil pans or an index card.
  7. To avoid flat spots on beads, bake them on quilt batting or a bead baking rack.
  8. You CAN bake your polymer clay more than once! This is a common practice for intricate pieces. You can attach raw clay to baked clay and bake again!
  9. NEVER microwave your polymer clay.
  10. Always bake polymer clay at the temperature and time recommended on the packaging. If you are mixing two brands of clay, use the higher time and temperature of the two.


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