How to Use Leftover Polymer Clay Pieces

Most crafters are savers; and, if you’re like me, you feel a little guilty about all the pretty little leftovers lying about. For one thing, even though they’re still perfectly good, they’re odd and small and they take up way too much valuable crafting space. That’s why I’ve stared a new plan. One day a week I deal with my scraps. Here is my method:

different patterns of black and white polymer clay creations made of scrap clay
  1. Sort the leftovers into color groups.
  2. Make the solid colors into sheets on the #1 or thickest setting of your clay machine.
  3. Make your blended slabs, mokume gane, cane slices, silk screened or textured pieces into the same thickness. If any are too thin, raise them from the back with a sheet of matching clay.
  4. Get out a selection of cutters to fit the size pieces you have. (I prefer metal cutters.)
  5. Have a blast mixing the patterns and colors just the way you like.



Tip: Lay your creations on a solid background, roll over them gently, smooth with parchment to join the pieces, then re-cut. That will bond the pieces together and make the backs uniform. Try several “cut and replace” combinations before you meld the piece together.

This process works on everything from big veneers for collar necklaces to medium strips for bracelets to small pieces for earrings. You make what you can with what you have. It’s SO satisfying and your poor little leftovers will thank you.

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