The Importance of Finishing Polymer Clay Designs

Crafting with your polymer clay designs is a fun way to express your creativity. You can use polymer clay to make jewelry, holiday ornaments and a variety of other creations. 

Whether you prefer intricate designs or keeping things simple, the way you finish your design makes all the difference.

Why You Should Finish Your Polymer Clay Design

If you want to step your crafting up a notch, finishing polymer clay designs can elevate the look and feel. Depending on your polymer clay design, you may want to increase the shine, smooth the edges or protect your design with a sealant. Finishing techniques will help you achieve those goals. Sand, buff or add a finishing varnish or sealant to your designs so their best qualities can shine.

The great thing about polymer clay is that it’s naturally matte, water-resistant and durable after being baked and cured in the oven. If you choose not to finish your craft, that’s fine! Polymer clay doesn’t need finishing if you don’t want it — it just adds an extra special touch. 

How to Finish Your Polymer Clay Design

If you choose to finish your polymer clay designs, you can use a few different techniques to achieve the results you’re looking for.


Buffing your polymer clay design can bring out the shine and make your piece glow without using a varnish.


Sanding polymer clay can help remove any lingering fingerprints and smooth out any rough edges that may have hardened while curing.

Sanding is an especially great technique to use if you’re painting on polymer clay. Sometimes the paint you plan to use after the curing process doesn’t stick. If that’s the case, try lightly sanding your creation. Sanding creates texture on the surface and gives the paint something to grip onto.


Another way to let your designs shine is to add a varnish or sealant. The varnish will create a shiny coat on top of your creation. If you use glitter, varnish works exceptionally well to bring out the sparkle. And if you used a surface treatment on your design, adding a sealant or varnish will protect it from rubbing off.

Learn More Ways to Craft With Sculpey®

Finishing your polymer clay designs is a great way to elevate the look and feel of your creations. Visit our how-to page to learn how to create a variety of crafts with Sculpey®.

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