The Best Adult Craft Kits for Those Nights In

When you want to enjoy a relaxing night in or have nothing to one fine evening, crafting can be the perfect solo or group activity to help you unwind and have fun. After all, craft nights aren’t just for the kids — adults deserve art and craft time, too! 

Crafting is so much more than just a creative outlet. Taking the time to make something with your hands gives you a much-needed break from hours of screen time. Creative hobbies reduce anxiety, improve mental health, help you sleep better — and they’re fun!

You can quickly assemble these fun craft kits for any experience level, so you’ll always have something on hand for those relaxing nights in. Whether you’re looking for something to pass the time solo or want a bigger party kit for friend gatherings, we’ve got you covered with these DIY kits.

7 Sculpey Craft Kits for Adults

We’ve got a craft kit for everyone, from head-turning accessories to home decor pieces to personalized gifts. All you need is an oven or toaster oven and an oven thermometer to bake the incredible creations you’ll make with these adult clay kits.

We recommend these handy tools to improve your polymer clay crafting experience:

These tools can come in handy no matter what craft kit you pick!

1. Reader’s Ultimate Bookmark Kit 

If you love to curl up with a good book on those cozy nights inside, this craft kit is for you! Hide this bookmark kit in plain sight on your bookshelves by filling a faux-book storage box with everything you need to make one-of-a-kind bookmarks:

  • Large paper clips
  • Ribbon
  • Several Sculpey Premo™ clay colors
  • Small roller
  • Clay tools 
  • Plastic drinking straw to make holes
  • Permanent markers

For traditional bookmarks, roll thin sheets of marbled clay, cut rectangles, personalize and add ribbons through holes at the top. Fans of fantasy and horror literature may enjoy shaping intricate mermaid tails, kraken tentacles and clawed monster hands to add to large paper clips — it will look like magical creatures are coming out of your book collection.

2. “Charming” Wine Entertaining Kit

Add a little sparkle to your wine glasses with a DIY wine charms kit. Stay in with your friends for an impromptu sip-and-craft night around a simple charcuterie board so guests can help themselves to snacks as everyone creates personalized wine accessories. Build your own “charming” wine crafting kit with supplies such as:

  • Polymer clay
  • A small roller
  • Clay cutters
  • Toothpicks
  • Jewelry pliers
  • Wine charm rings
  • Jump rings

Our Sculpey Premo™ Multi-pack includes a wide range of shades so you can make easily identifiable, color-coded wine glass charms. You can also create a marbled look and roll out clay sheets. Use geometric Sculpey Tools™ Mini Metal Cutters to cut unique charm shapes like hearts and stars. Remember to poke holes in charms before baking.

Pair this kit with a bottle of wine and glasses for a great housewarming or holiday gift!

3. Handmade Card Crafting Kit 

If you’re looking for a heartfelt crafting idea, homemade cards are a great choice! Unique cards are beautiful and practical items to have on hand for thank-yous, birthdays, celebrations, congratulations or “just because” messages of love and friendship. There’s something special about receiving old-fashioned snail mail in the sea of constant texts, Zoom meetings and FaceTime chats. Who doesn’t love holding a handmade message and feeling that personal connection?  A DIY card-making kit is easy to assemble. Fill a box with decorative papers, multicolored card stock, scrapbook adhesive, self-stick gems, envelopes, calligraphy pens and markers. Instead of continuously purchasing card embellishments, why not keep tools on hand to cast details any time you want? You can make dimensional decorations like flowers, feathers, lace and stars using Liquid Sculpey® and our silicone Sculpey Tools™ Oven-Safe Molds.

4. Build Your Own Beads Jewelry-Making Kit 

There’s nothing more satisfying than replying, “I made this!” when asked about your impeccable jewelry style. You can make your own craft kit for bead-making to change up your evening routine and design a collection of head-turning accessories. 

Grab your jewelry pliers and our Sculpey Premo™ Bead Making Jewelry Kit, which has everything you need to make six earth-tone jewelry pieces, including:

  • White, Spanish olive, blush, gray granite, beige and black polymer clays
  • Circle cutter
  • Small blade 
  • Plastic roller
  • Small needle tool
  • Lentil bead tool
  • Batting
  • Necklace chain
  • Suede necklace cord 
  • Eye pins
  • Jump rings
  • Four fish hook earrings
  • Two elastic cords

As a bonus, you can use this kit’s tools to create beads for future projects from bracelets to keychains.

5. Rainy Day Pottery Making Kit 

Remember that feeling as a kid, joyfully getting your hands messy digging through the dirt or sifting through sand? Release your inner kid again with an at-home pottery kit! The next time you’re stuck inside on a rainy day, grab this kit and have a blast squishing and shaping clay with your hands. With this kit, you can create a trinket dish, decorative bowl or vase in an afternoon.

To assemble your kit, gather your favorite polymer clay colors. Our Sculpey Premo™ Multi-pack Mixed Effects is perfect for a pottery kit with its faux stone finishes in gray granite, gold and pearl. Add a small roller, clay tools, cutters and sandpaper to add texture. Finish the kit with a few inexpensive smooth glass vessels that you can wrap with clay to create vases ready for fresh flowers.

6. DIY Celestial Coaster Crafting Kit

One theme crafters are loving to the moon and back right now is inspired by the night sky — it’s all about stars, zodiac signs and jewel-toned galaxy vibes! Add some celestial magic to your coffee table by assembling this kit to make out-of-this-world coasters the next time you’re snowed in.

  • Galaxy colored polymer clays — Sculpey III® black, purple, teal pearl, princess pearl and blue glitter
  • Small clay roller
  • A 4-inch cardstock paper template
  • Sharp knife or our Sculpey Tools™ 5-in-1 Clay Tool
  • Bright gold acrylic paint
  • Fine tip paintbrush 
  • 4-inch cork circles
  • Silicone glue

Roll clay colors into logs, bundle, and twist to create swirly stripes. Roll the log into a snail shape and flatten. Cut out coaster circles, bake, then paint gold stars and constellations. Glue cork to the back of each coaster, and you’re ready to go.

7. Tiny Terrarium Accessories Kit

The popularity of plants and miniatures is on the rise! Millennials are filling their spaces with potted succulents and tiny terrariums — so why not make fun miniature accessories to personalize your little living worlds? This kit will make several terrariums and accessories — just add fresh moss and plants when you’re ready to assemble.

Gather your terrarium and accessories kit ingredients:

  • Bag of soil
  • Small trowel
  • Cork-tipped skewer
  • Pebbles
  • River rocks
  • Activated charcoal
  • Mesh screen
  • Spray bottle
  • Assorted small glass containers
  • Multicolored polymer clays
  • Fantasy and botanical silicone molds

What’s your terrarium vibe? You can create tiny clay gravestones for a spooky terrarium graveyard, whimsical mushrooms for a fairy garden or a mini flying saucer for a quirky “UFO crash” terrarium.

Embrace Your Inner Creativity With Sculpey

Whether you’re looking for a quick break from work, a fun hobby, a new way to express yourself or a unique approach to gift-making, Sculpey® has everything you need to embrace your inner creativity! 

Shop our beginner-friendly clays and tools to quickly assemble a bunch of fun adult craft kits, perfect for one or a whole group. Be sure to visit our inspirational How To page to learn how to make a wide range of creative projects at home!

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