Different Surfaces for Working and Baking with Clay

photo of desktop with small pieces of clay on it

As a clay crafter, one of the most important tools for clay making is having a clean and safe work surface to craft on without damaging your table. There are many surfaces to choose from that work well for clay as well as baking your pieces. Here are some ways you can protect your table even from household materials you may have on hand.

photo of Sculpey Clay mat

During the beginning of my clay journey, my first work surface was Sculpey’s Oven-Safe Work Mat. This is a great option to grab while you’re at the craft store. Not only is this mat great for working, but it also works as a baking mat for your pieces that can withstand high temperatures and is perfectly sized for a toaster oven. As a bonus, the mat has a non-skid silicone backing that will not move while you’re crafting or baking.

photo of glass work surface with work grid on it

Glass sheet surfaces are good additions to your table if you’re looking for a durable and smooth surface. These usually come in large sheets and aren’t the best for baking but great for working on. Since it is glass, it is more likely to become scratched overtime but is also easy to wipe clean after a day’s work.

photo of tray with sheet of plain paper on it

If you’re looking to use household materials, you want to reach for a pan with parchment paper or foil. Parchment paper can be used as a disposable work surface which can also double as a baking surface. On the other hand, foil is not a good surface to work on but is a useable material for baking purposes.

photo of small white tile

Lastly, my favorite work surface is Ceramic Tiles. Ceramic is a nice surface to craft, bake, and use as a background for my pieces when taking photos. These ceramic options can be found for free or a low cost at your local hardware store. I like to pickup tile sample sized pieces and a larger slab as a bigger work surface. Not only is it great for claying, but it’s also a nice surface to bake with and holds temperature. It’s also very easy to clean and move around your table.

Blog written by 2024 Sculpey Design Squad Member Precious Nunez

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