Ways to Use Mica Powders with Sculpey Clay

Sculpey Teacher Ambassador, Robyn Crawford, loves using metallic mica powders in her Sculpey clay creations to give it some shimmer and bling. She says, “There is no wrong way to play with these powders, but here a few things to try.”

You can mix in mica powders directly into the clay. You can see in the photo the first black ball of Sculpey Souffle to the left is plain black clay. The center ball has some bronze mica powder mixed in giving it a hint of shimmer and just a little depth. The ball of clay all the way to the right I coated with the mica powder using a brush. When this bakes, the results are SO pretty! Wonderful in jewelry projects and so much more!

3 black balls of Sculpey Souffle polymer clays brushed with bronze mica powder

Using rubber stamps with mica powders is another great thing to try! There are two ways I do this. The first way is to stamp into the clay and create an impression. Then I lightly pat my finger into the powder and gently rub over the surface. The Sculpey Souffle is so easy to roll and creates smooth surfaces!

Another way is to tap the stamp directly into the mica powder, tap the excess off, and then stamp directly into the clay! Beautiful!! Use can also use a brush or makeup sponge to apply the powder to the top portion of the stamp.

Having your students make jewelry pieces is a great idea for gift giving like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day!


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