Setting New Year's Goal for Your Clay Table

As the New Year becomes reality, I like to set time aside and reflect on the past year and what I accomplished as a small business owner. I soak in the good times as well as the times I think I might’ve fell short. Setting goals for myself is a way I like to jumpstart the new year; it encourages me to push past my limits and is something to strive for. Here are some things I’d like to include on my 2024 agenda.

photo of clay packages and liquid clay packages

Establishing a consistent posting schedule is going to be a big priority this 2024. As a small business, it’s easy to get off track of your posting schedule through your social media outlets. I’m left with the questions, “What do I post? Is this aesthetic enough for my feed? What if the algorithm doesn’t algorithm?” till I don’t end up posting and mess up my posting schedule altogether. Ways I can improve this is rediscovering “why?”, I love posting to engage with my followers and show them what I been up to whether its new products, commission work, or collaborations! I can also take advantage of Insights to see what time is best to post according to my audience and past posts that made good reach.

table full of pink polymer clay with laptop near by

Increasing sales and revenue is an important goal to reach every year in hopes to surpass the previous year’s sales and revenue for any small business. To reach this goal, I plan on marketing my products more and using ads when necessary to promote new releases, updates, and more. Finding new ways to stand out and develop relationships with my customers. Invest into more props for photos and cut down supply costs where necessary.

array of polymer clay designs stored in clear plastic storage bins

Expanding my product line is something I’d like to experiment with by introducing a certain number of new clay products or collections to diversify my offerings.  I can do this by staying attuned to market trends, gather customer feedback, and experiment with different styles and themes to keep my product line fresh and appealing.

handwritten card with a turtle and smiley face drawn on

During the course of the new year, I’m excited for what is to come. I hope to continue learning every day, finding new efficient ways to do things than before, greater marketing for my products, and much more.

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