Sculpey® Bake Shop for Kids

Why Sculpey® Bake Shop Is Ideal for Kids 

Whether you’re a teacher inspiring the classroom or a parent introducing your children to a new hobby, Sculpey® Bake Shop is the perfect clay for kids. This clay will bring the whole family together — it’s an excellent way to enjoy a family experience and create fun mementos of your time together. Bake Shop clay:

  • – Is safe, non-toxic, and lead and phthalate-free. 
  • – Stays soft until baked in your oven. Bake Shop clay feels like ceramic clay but does not dry out when exposed to air.
  • – Is easily manageable for small hands. Kids will not have trouble manipulating, shaping, and molding Sculpey® Bake Shop clay. 
  • – Can be stored for reuse.
  • – Is great for a variety of projects, from figurines and holiday crafts to school assignments and free-form jewelry pieces.
  • – Comes in a variety of vibrant colors, including classics like red and blue as well as fun shades like hot pink and turquoise. We even offer glow-in-the-dark, eraser clay, and even Bake Shop Light that floats in water! 
  • – Allows for more creation once baked and cooled you can glue, ink, sand, drill, carve or paint Bake Shop clay with Sculpey® Brand Glaze or water-based acrylics. 

What Can I Make With Bake Shop Clay? 

Spark creativity and fun in your home or classroom with Sculpey® Bake Shop clay. You can use Bake Shop clay to make:

  • – Trinkets or animal figurines.
  • – Pieces of furniture or decorations for a dollhouse.
  • – Fun jewelry or accessory pieces 
  • – Holiday ornaments or decorations 
  • – Gifts to give to your family and friends
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