New Color Tuesday! Introducing Sculpey Soufflé™ Hydrangea

I was immediately drawn to this Sculpey Soufflé™ Hydrangea because we have a LOT of the actual flower growing around our little seaside town and THIS is a coveted color for the blooms!

The Hydrangea/Raspberry 1:1 mix is the other bloom color I see in our walks (and the color of Hydrangea that I have).

I couldn’t choose a favorite color this time because I loved both the Canary/Hydrangea 1:1 mix and the Latte/Hydrangea 1:1 mix (I love me some interesting gray). 

Actually, if you team up both the Canary 1:1 mix and the Latte 1:1 mix to create some leaf motifs, the Cinnamon 1:1 could function as the stem and the Raspberry 1:1 could create the flowers!  Add some of the Hydrangea for flowers as well for a full view of the gorgeous flowers.

The earrings I created for this mix features the Soufflé Hydrangea clay for the background and geometric shapes from the mixes.  The Hydrangea really steals the show though!

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