New Color Tuesday! Introducing Sculpey Premo™ Terra Cotta 1:1 Mixes

Wow! I get to introduce a NEW color every week this month! (And I’m doing 4 mixes instead of the usual 3). YAY! We have a Terra Cotta color in Premo™ finally. Let the bowl making begin..or the slab making..or the faux leather making..

I decided to team this new Terra Cotta up with the new Premo™ Light Pink to see how much each color could hold their own in a mix from the red-tone family. And do you see what I mean about Light Pink? It definitely held its own with a darker Terra Cotta to create a mid-tone color.

Of course, Premo™ Peacock Pearl had to take a spin with the Premo™ Terra Cotta and this 1:1 mix also surprised me with an earthier version of Peacock Pearl that I quite like (especially with the Terra Cotta).

Premo™ Mustard Yellow in a 1:1 mix with Premo™ Terra Cotta created a deep warm gold tone that reminds me of Summer picnics for some reason.

My Mix Favorite, Premo™ Wasabi in a 1:1 mix with Premo™ Terra Cotta created another golden color. But I LOVE the trio of Premo™ Terra Cotta, Mustard Yellow and Wasabi together. I’ve got to do something with that team of colors for Summer for sure!

Before I go, here are the “Color Palette Pendants” for this month – I’m trying to decide whether to keep them as 3 separate pendants or somehow combine them into one…

Share your favorite Sculpey mixes with us by using the hashtag #HowDoYouSculpey and don’t forget to mention which clay you are using (#Premo or #Souffle)
xoxo, syn

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