New Color Tuesday! Introducing Sculpey Premo™ Sage Pearl

Well, well, well just when I didn’t think the Sculpey Mix Wizards couldn’t make another awesome pearl color, I got this gorgeous Sculpey Premo™ Sage Pearl color to mix my NCT!

It is a delicious cool pearl color on its own, but I had some real fun with the mixes as well.  I love the Gray Granite/Sage Pearl 1:1 mix and I can imagine marbling these two colors together to create a faux stone effect.

Both the Forest Green and Mustard Yellow yielded lovely deep pearl colors. 

My surprise was that the Premo Pale Blue held its own with the Sage Pearl to create a lovely soft blue tone with a hint of metallic gleam.

The earrings I created for this mix features a background of the Sage Pearl and bits of the leftover mixes for the details. I have worn these earrings at LEAST once I week since I created them!


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