New Color Tuesday 2023 Annual Wrap-up

I love the December NCT because I get to look back at all the great NCT color combinations from the year and pick my favorite 1:1 mixes.

First up, we have February NCT featuring a 1:1 mix of Sculpey Premo™ Berry Pearl and Cadmium Yellow.  Who doesn't love an Orange Pearl?

Now we have the new earth tones, Soufflé™ Sedona and Premo™ Terra Cotta. We have a lot of pink-toned granite locally, so I was excited to see that the 1:1 combo of Premo™ Gray Granite and Soufflé™ Sedona created a very similar color. Likewise, the unlikely matchup of Premo™ Terra Cota with Wasabi (my favorite (Wild Card Color") created a lovely soft peach tone. 

The June NCT, featuring Soufflé™ Koi yielded an unexpected soft green when I teamed the Koi with Soufflé™ Fiji.  This was really a team up of two of my "current" favorite Soufflé™ colors. 

Ahh, the BEST mix came near the end of the year when I teamed up my Premo™ Wild Card Wasabi (that should be this colors official name) with the new Premo™ Mocha Pearl.  Browns and greens mixed together...really? Well they created a wonderful mid-century modern olive green with a hint of sparkle that I just adore!

In fact, here a couple of pairs of earrings that I created with the mix:

And of course, I have a whole wardrobe of necklaces and pendants that I made with the leftover mix scraps from each month!

Looking forward to all the wonderful new color mixes that we will be able to create in the next year as well!

xoxo, syn

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