Mixing the Color of the Year - Very Peri

The Pantone Color of the Year for 2022 is Very Peri. It is a cool kind of ultra-violet blue tone with just a touch of grey to tone it down. Actually, this was one of the “half mourning” colors that Victorian ladies wore after a year of total mourning. (Yes, I read a LOT of Victorian mysteries) I guess it kind of fits our world attitude after a year like 2021!

Anyway, I immediately set about mixing it to see what variations I could develop.

Oh my! I did get carried a away a little with both the Souffle and Premo mixes….

Of course, in my beloved Sculpey Soufflé™ the color Cornflower straight out of the package can be used as a version of this Color of the Year.

This is a little bowl I made from my January NCT mixing scraps and I liked the direction that the Cornflower/Royalty mix was going.

So I started to mix the Cornflower and Royalty is various amounts. I finally settled on the 8 part Cornflower to 1 part Royalty mix as my favorite version.

But what if I wanted to use a slightly darker version? I didn’t want to add Poppy Seed because even the tiniest amount would be too much, so I added the opposite color of Cornflower – Pumpkin! It is amazing how much influence even the tiniest bit of an opposite, or complementary, color can have on a mix!

#1 is my preferred mix of 8:1 Cornflower/Royalty
#2 is 16 parts Cornflower, 2 parts Royalty and 1 part Pumpkin
#3 is 8 parts Cornflower, 2 parts Royalty and 1 part Pumpkin
#4 is 4 parts Cornflower, 2 parts Royalty and 1 part Pumpkin

So, then I decided that I needed to mix this color in Sculpey Premo™. This time I started with Ultramarine Blue, Purple and Slate.

Again, look at what a difference a small amount of the complementary color of Orange had on the mix!

Almost all these mixes in the second row can be used to represent Very Peri. I really can’t make my mind up, but I finally settled on the mix on the far left.

Oh! I also tried mixing with the Premo™ Pearl colors of Purple Pearl and Peacock Pearl as well.

I like the addition of the bit of Slate to the mix on the far left.

STAY TUNED! You will be seeing several projects featuring versions of this Color of the Year soon on the Sculpey website!


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