Understanding Liquid Clay: Clear vs. Translucent

If you’re wondering what the difference is between clear and translucent polymer clay, you’re not alone. First, let’s talk about the meaning of liquid clay. 

Liquid polymer clay is what it sounds like: polymer clay in liquid form. Liquid clay is a slightly sticky, medium-density liquid that does not require softening. While liquid polymer clay bakes the same way as regular polymer clay, it’s slightly more flexible and behaves in a completely different manner in its raw state. 

Clear vs. Translucent Liquid Polymer Clay 


We offer both clear liquid clay and Translucent Liquid Sculpey®. A great way to distinguish between the two liquid clay types is to define the terms “clear” and “translucent”. While “clear” means free from cloudiness, obscurity or darkness, “translucent” refers to objects that allow light, but not detailed images, to pass through. A better way to differentiate the two terms is that “transparent” actually means “semitransparent” in the world of clay.

In other words, you can see through clear liquid clay, but you cannot see through Translucent Liquid Sculpey®. Translucent Liquid Sculpey® still allows light through, but the images are not completely clear. 

How Are Liquid Clays Used? 

As a clayer or crafter, it’s important to note that both Sculpey® clear liquid clay and Translucent Liquid Sculpey® have separate, specialized functions that make each of them valuable in their own way. In general, both liquid clays perform the same essential functions. You can use both clear and translucent liquid clay for:

  • – Moistening dry clay
  • – Attaching raw clay to baked clay
  • – Thinning clay to make it soft for painting effects or syrup
  • – Repairing broken polymer clay items
  • – Filling in spaces in the clay to avoid bubbles
  • – Securing other materials that will be baked into your piece
  • – Fusing raw clay pieces as you’re building

As the name implies, Sculpey® clear liquid clay is impressively clear when poured into a mold and baked. This syrup-like liquid lends a beautiful glossy coating when cured with a heat gun. Sculpey® clear liquid clay bakes to a satin finish and allows perfect visibility of additives like flowers, leaves and glitter. 

Translucent Liquid Sculpey® has been a favorite since the 1990s. This type of clay is a syrupy, drippy liquid that’s slightly cloudy. When baked, instead of appearing clear, Translucent Liquid Sculpey® looks opaque when thick. It bakes with a matte surface in the oven and makes an excellent matte finish when you sponge it onto a surface. 

Order Liquid Polymer Clay

As a crafter, hobbyist or professional artist, it’s essential to understand the differences between different types of liquid clay. If you want visibility of colorful additives, clear liquid polymer clay may be best. If you want a liquid clay to mix with pigments, mica powders, or oil paints, or a product you can use as an enamel, back filling compound, or glaze, Translucent Liquid Sculpey® is for you.

You can trust our clear liquid Sculpey® — it’s the clearest on the market. Order our clear liquid clay or Translucent Liquid Sculpey® online today!

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