Introducing Sculpey Soufflé™ Ivory Pt 4

Wow! This is a trio of really rich Soufflé™ colors that I’m mixing 4 parts to 1 part of the Soufflé™ Ivory this week! I actually like all the four original colors together because the Ivory really adds the pop to the darker palette of the other three colors.

The top row of the large photo contains the 3 colors that I’m mixing with the Ivory (I) on the far right. The bottom 3 colors are the colors mixes created by mixing 4 parts of the color directly above with 1 part (4:1) of the Ivory. Of course, any of these colors or mixes can be used in combination with any other colors you wish, but I’ve picked 3 palettes of colors using ONLY the original colors and their mixes above.

#1 I would NOT have thought to put the Soufflé™ Royalty (R) and Mandarin(M) together, but I really like them. The mix of the Sea Glass (SG) and Ivory (I) really adds the pop to the palette.

#2 I also would not have thought to put Sea Glass (SG) into a palette with the Mandarin (M), but I love how the addition of the Ivory (I) kind of makes a different version of the traditional red, white and blue palette.

#3 Sea Glass (SG) and Ivory (I) combined with the Royalty/Ivory (R/I) mix makes a palette I would love to knit with!

Don’t forget to share your favorite Sculpey Soufflé™ Ivory mixes with us by using the hashtag #HowDoYouSculpey.

xoxo, syn

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