Learn How To Use Polymer Clay

Creating crafts with polymer clay is a fantastic way to express your creativity. When crafting, the surface you work on can heavily affect your ability to handle the clay. In this guide, we cover some of the best polymer clay work surfaces.

What Is the Best Surface for Working With Clay?

The work surface you choose directly impacts your ability to craft and create art pieces. One of the most important aspects of a clay work surface is it should be non-stick, ensuring your piece does not get stuck, tear or break when you attempt to pick it up. Some of the best surfaces to work with clay include:

1. Oven-Safe Silicone Mats

An oven-safe silicone mat is an ideal surface when working with polymer clay because of its non-skid properties, ensuring the mat will not move as you work on your piece. A silicone mat can protect any table or surface while ensuring your clay does not stick.

You can also put oven-safe silicone mats directly into the oven when you’re ready to set your polymer clay craft. After using a silicone mat, you can simply clean it with soap and water, and the mat is ready to be used again when you need it!

2. Laminate Countertops

If you have laminate countertops in your home or craft room or a desk with a laminate finish, you can use this surface for crafting with clay. Laminate is excellent if you are looking for your clay to temporarily stick to a surface while texturing or doing detailed work. Even though laminate securely holds clay, you can still easily and effectively remove the clay whenever you want using a blade or artist’s spatula.

3. Glass or Ceramic

Glass is also an excellent surface when working with polymer clay, as it is readily available and easy to clean. Tempered pieces of glass can even be used as a baking surface if your project needs it.

Like glass, a ceramic tile or surface can be an ideal surface to work on when using clay. Both glass and ceramic can keep your clay cool, which is helpful for many artists, especially if they find the heat from their hands interferes with their projects.

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