How to Stamp on Polymer Clay

Stamps and Sculpey® clay are the perfect combination. Stamping on your polymer clay is so much fun that you might be tempted to skip lunch.

So how does using rubber stamps on polymer clay work? Learn all the ins and outs below, starting with the tools you’ll need for your next clay-stamping project.

Tools You Need to Stamp on Polymer Clay

Your first order of business is to make sure you have at least one sheet of Sculpey® polymer clay. Use a clay conditioning machine to help you get your desired sheet thickness, so your polymer clay is completely uniform.

Next, you’ll want to have some rubber or other type of stamps on hand. Many stamps have a wooden backing, but that’s not necessary. As long as your stamp has a design on it, you should be able to use it. Be sure to pick out a stamping pad, too. Many of our in-house sculptors and crafters appreciate the StazOn® Solvent Ink Pads because they tend to hold and transfer color well. 

Finally, you should always have a clay scraper or blade, a water bottle spritzer and a little cornstarch at your disposal. 

The Basics of Stamping on Polymer Clay

To begin, lay your polymer clay sheet on a clean surface, such as a glossy ceramic tile. Be sure to lay it down slowly to prevent any air bubbles from forming between it and your preferred work surface. 

Pick out your stamp of choice and add ink to the design. You can ink your stamp one of two ways — either push the stamp into the ink pad or dab the ink pad directly onto the stamp. Both methods can work, but you might find that one gives you more consistent ink coverage over all the stamp patterns.

Now, firmly press your stamp into your clay sheet using a consistent level of force. You don’t want to stamp too quickly, as you might not get the whole design on your clay. However, if that happens, just turn the clay sheet over and try the other side.

Finally, pull the rubber stamp up and you should see your ink imprinted in your clay sheet. From that point, you can pop the sheet in the oven, or cut and manipulate it further before curing.

Troubleshooting Using Rubber Stamps on Polymer Clay

Sometimes, stamps can stick to your clay. This can feel frustrating, but you can usually fix it fairly quickly.

To help your rubber stamp release from your clay evenly and predictably, dust the clay with a bit of cornstarch. Don’t use too much — just give the top of the clay sheet a slight dusting. You can also try spritzing the clay sheet with water before using the rubber stamp if the cornstarch method doesn’t work as effectively as you’d like.

Unleash Your Creativity With Sculpey® Products

Learning how to stamp on polymer clay will allow you to explore more possibilities as you work with your polymer clay. Get creative, purchase the products you need from our online store and have a wonderful time making amazing Sculpey® projects.

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