How to Make Crystal Jewelry With Polymer Clay

Do you like being a little adventurous when it comes to mixing a variety of materials to make extraordinary clay projects like jewelry and small ornaments? It’s tons of fun to include accessories like crystals and faux gemstones into baked polymer clay pieces. 

Below are some easy tips to make sure you get the effects you want when adding a little “bling” into your imaginative polymer clay jewelry and other pieces.

Helpful Hints for Making DIY Crystal Jewelry and More

There are many easy and innovative techniques to apply to your clay creating. When you first start crafting polymer clay crystal jewelry, try these pro tips to ensure your masterpieces turn out even better than you envisioned: 

  • Add some metal leaf foil behind your crystal or gem: Are you planning to press a crystal into a piece of polymer clay to make something like a polymer clay crystal necklace? Press a piece of metal leaf foil behind the gemstone. The foil will allow light to bounce from behind the gem, giving it a delightful bit of shimmer.
  • Use regular Sculpey® and Liquid Sculpey® to keep your crystal in place: Crystals look fantastic in polymer clay. An eye-catching way to secure them is by holding them in the desired position with a “ring” of polymer clay. The ring could take on any design your imagination chooses, such as snakes of conditioned clay that organically surround the crystal or gemstone. 
  • Try making a clay necklace with a drilled crystal: A fast and easy way to include polymer clay and crystals is to use pre-drilled crystals. That way, you can run a wire or even a pin with a decorative top through the drilled hole. Use your tools to twist the wire or pin into your preferred shape. Then, decorate the crystal with polymer clay by anchoring the clay in spots to the wire. After baking, the clay will remain attached to the wire thanks to this simple DIY anchoring process.

Learn More About the Polymer Clay Techniques and Options

It’s time to get more confident when it comes to adding a materials such as crystals into your polymer clay jewelry. Visit our blog frequently for more insider tricks. And be sure to reach out to us online if you need help deciding which of our world-class polymer clay products will be a good fit for your claying!

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