How to Create Polymer Clay Coins

Did you know you can make coins out of polymer clay? Whether you want to flesh out a fun fantasy world or make a lifelike coin replica, our tips for creating polymer clay coins can help. 

How to Create Clay Coins

To make polymer clay coins, you will need:  

  • A toothpick or another clay piercing tool.
  • Linoleum cutters. 
  • Denim cloth. 
  • A glossy finish, like floor polish. 
  • Polymer clay. 
  • Metallic wax. 
  • A rolling pin.
  • Baby powder.
  • A quarter or large button. 

Follow these steps to design your clay coins: 

1. Roll Out the Clay

Using a rolling pin, roll out the clay to your desired thickness. Set the quarter or large button on the clay and cut out around it, so you have a small circle, then repeat. Each circle will become a mold that can make multiple coins. 

2. Create Your Design

You can design your own look for the coin or find a pattern online. Print out two copies of your design from your computer that match the clay’s dimensions. Cut the papers so that the circular design has a big square around it. Drape the designs on clay circles and align the design’s center with the clay circle’s center. Tape each corner to a flat surface to stay in place. 

3. Transfer the Design

Use your toothpick to create the design on the coin molds by pushing small punctures into the design. Follow the outline until you have traced the entire design with small holes. 

4. Cut Out the Design

Take your linoleum cutters and slice along the perforated parts, to carve out the coin’s design from the mold. Imperfections help the coin look like an antique. Add some clay around the edge of the coin designs to create the molds.

5. Bake the Clay Molds

Use the instructions on the clay to bake the molds. Let them cool after baking. 

6. Add a Release Agent

Sprinkle baby powder on the cooled molds to help with the release of the molded coins.  

7. Use the Mold

Put polymer clay in the molds and push them together to create the coin. Pop out the clay and cook the finished coin according to the package’s directions. To add an antique look after it comes out of the oven, use the metal wax on the raised parts of the coin. Polish it with the denim cloth, then apply furniture varnish to protect the wax. 

You can play with your coins, give them as gifts or even turn them into a unique necklace. You can also create many at a time for a fun afternoon DIY project. 

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