Tips For Creating Outdoor Polymer Clay Projects

What can make a home garden, window box or flower bed come to life? Polymer clay garden art, of course! With a polymer clay like non-toxic Sculpey® oven-bake clay, you can create dazzling, whimsical and eye-catching art treasures to adorn your favorite green space.

Why Is Polymer Clay Great for Outdoor Use?

Polymer clay is made from plastic ingredients that don’t harden until you cure the clay in a regular oven. The result is a naturally waterproof piece, making it ideal for outside use in all types of weather.

Another reason to choose polymer clay for your outdoor projects is the rainbow of colors available. Unlike other types of clay, polymer clay is already dyed. While you can choose to put add-ins like glitter in your clay, you don’t have to. It’s ready to condition, shape and bake right out of the package. Plus, polymer clay won’t dry out so you have plenty of time to bring your outdoor clay crafts to life.

Ideas for Crafting Polymer Clay Garden Art Items

When it comes to getting creative, you have lots of opportunities to explore your imagination with outdoor polymer clay crafts. Below are some ideas to serve as springboards for your first outside projects.

Garden Figurines

Could your herb or flower garden use a quick pick-me-up in the form of figurines like spritely fairies or delightful and colorful creatures? Many clayers with gardens like to craft small figurines to place throughout their garden areas. To keep your finished figurine in place, consider putting your uncured clay project on a regular bamboo skewer. Once cured, you can secure your figurine in the dirt with the skewer.

Dangling Wind Mobiles

It’s no secret that polymer clay can become the base for gorgeous pendants. You could make a series of pendants and then hang them together or your pendants could become the basis for a wind mobile that sways gently in the breeze. These ideas are a wonderful outdoor polymer clay project for anyone to tackle over summer vacation.

Larger Clay Pieces

Are you feeling adventurous? You can use polymer clay to make larger structures like sculptures and vases for your outdoor areas. However, you’ll need to construct a framework from another material first. Many people use wires to build the foundation. That way, you can add flattened sheets of conditioned polymer clay to the foundation.

The bottom line is that you can definitely use polymer clay outdoors. Begin your journey to designing outside artwork by picking up some of your favorite Sculpey® products today!

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