Chapter 1: Types of Polymer Clay

Polymer clay comes in a variety of colors, textures and consistencies for different projects. For example, lightweight clay is ideal for jewelry, while firm clay is best for sculpting. Understanding the differences between types of polymer clay will help you choose the right products to use. In this chapter, we'll describe each type of Sculpey polymer clay and when to use them. 

Types of Sculpey Polymer Clay

Explore all of the different types of polymer clay you can use to bring your ideas to life: 

1. Original Sculpey 

Original Sculpey® is extremely versatile for kids, art students and beginner sculptors. It's soft and easy to condition before baking and hard enough to sand and carve after baking. Original Sculpey® has the look and feel of ceramic clay with the convenience of polymer clay. 

This product has a matte finish and comes in white, granite and terra cotta. You can add more color by painting Original Sculpey® after it's cured in the oven. Original Sculpey® is an affordable option you can purchase in bulk for classrooms or crafting events. 

2. Sculpey III

Sculpey III® is a multipurpose formula for kids, beginners and hobbyists. It's really easy to work with and maintains sculpted details. Sculpey III® bakes to a matte finish that you can paint and glaze. You can use this polymer clay to make decorations, jewelry, figurines and lots of other projects. 

Sculpey III® comes in 44 unique colors, including bright, muted and metallic shades. You can purchase Sculpey III® individually or in budget-friendly multipacks. 

3. Sculpey Premo

Sculpey Premo™ has a satin-like finish and comes in the largest selection of 55 shades, including bold and neutral colors, glitters, metallics, granites and fluorescents. This formula was created for artists and frequent clay users for more advanced projects. It holds fine details and provides premium strength and flexibility after baking. Sculpey Premo™ is the best polymer clay for techniques like caning, mokume-gane and skinner blends. You can use it to make jewelry, home decor, faux stones and many other beautiful creations. 

4. Sculpey Souffle

Sculpey Souffle™ is lightweight, pliable and cures to a suede-like finish. The firm consistency takes texture beautifully, maintains clean lines and doesn't drag when sliced. Sculpey Souffle™ is the best polymer clay for jewelry and home decor. It comes in 28 fashionable colors. 

This product is best for frequent clayers and professional artists. It's strong, self-supporting and will not crack in the oven. Hardened Sculpey Souffle™ is still flexible enough to cut and sew after baking. It's also the best clay to use with stamps, alcohol markers and inks. 

5. Bake Shop

Sculpey Bake Shop® polymer clay was designed with kids in mind. It's super soft and easy to shape for beginners and comes in 14 vibrant colors. Sculpey Bake Shop® also comes in eraser, glow-in-the-dark and bendy varieties for extra fun! 

This product is perfect for small figurines, school projects, holiday crafts and simple jewelry. All polymer clay is safe and non-toxic, which is especially important for children. Sculpey Bake Shop® bakes to a matte finish children can decorate with acrylic paint and polymer glaze. 

6. Liquid Sculpey 

Liquid Sculpey® is a liquid version of polyform clay that comes in handy for many different projects. It's a great option for both beginners and advanced crafters because it is easy to use and multifaceted. This product cures perfectly in silicone molds and is great for image transfers. 

Liquid Sculpey® comes in 25 unique colors and three finishes, including translucent, matte and metallic. You can customize any color by mixing in alcohol-based ink, glitter or confetti. Some people use Liquid Sculpey® to make window clings, paint designs on clay, attach clay pieces and glaze finished projects. You can purchase Liquid Sculpey® in multipacks for an affordable price. 

7. Super Sculpey

Super Sculpey® is the best polymer clay for sculpting. This formula was designed with professional sculptors and model makers in mind. It's the perfect blend of soft yet firm for fine tooling and detailing. Super Sculpey® is easy to condition with none of the blurring and blending that can happen with softer clays. It comes in gray and semi-translucent beige with a finish that resembles the look of skin. Hardened Super Sculpey® is easy to paint, carve or sand for added detail. 

Super Sculpey® is available in medium, firm, and original consistencies. It also comes in the following varieties:

  • Super Sculpey Living Doll™: Super Sculpey Living Doll™ is the best polymer clay for dolls and detailed figurines. It blends easily to resemble the smooth look of flesh. 
  • Super Sculpey Ultralight: This product offers the same benefits as the original Super Sculpey® in a lightweight formula. It's great for jewelry, ornaments and armatures for large projects. It's the lightest Sculpey polymer clay on the market. 

Find the Best Type of Polymer Clay With Sculpey

At Sculpey, we have polyform clay for any project you can imagine! We offer different colors and formulas for all ages, skill levels and applications. Shop our selection of polyform clay products for your next project today! 

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