Best Polymer Clay Crafts for Beginners

If you are just starting out as a clayer or have a budding clayer who needs some advice to get started, you’re in luck! At Sculpey®, we love to share helpful hints. This includes some wonderful crafts for beginners.

Get your Sculpey® ready. You’re about to make some first-time polymer clay crafts!

3 Polymer Clay Crafts for Novices

Below are a few polymer clay crafts to help you get accustomed to working with polymer clay and fuel your imagination.

1. Mold Some Miniatures

A fun way to test the claying waters is by making dollhouse-sized items with your polymer clay. For instance, let’s say you want to make what looks like a plate of chocolate chip cookies.

After conditioning your clay by rubbing it in your hands, use your hand or special claying tools to construct a plate. Then, shape tiny balls of tan clay and flatten them using your fingertip and embed them with polymer “chocolate chips.” Arrange the cookies on the plate and bake as instructed.

Of course, you can mold any miniature items you like. Starting small can help you become accustomed to working with clay on a manageable level.

2. Braid a Bracelet

This is polymer clay craft simplicity you can wear! Grab some of your favorite colors of Sculpey Bake Shop® Bendy polymer clay. Bendy clay offers the best flexibility for a wearable finished product! 

Condition your Bendy clay, then roll the clay out into evenly-sized “snakes” or coils. If your surface isn’t smooth enough and your Bendy polymer clay keeps sticking, coat the rolling surface with a light dusting of cornstarch or purchase a large piece of glossy white tile for all your claying.

Once you have your coils, braid them together and use a sharp cutting tool to cut the braided coil at both ends. Then, merge the two ends in a way that looks natural. Bake your “endless” braided bracelet and wear it proudly!

3. Try Some Gift Tags

Use some polymer clay stamps and cutters to make one-of-a-kind gift tags. This is a fantastic beginner project, especially around the holidays.

All you’ll need is your polymer clay, a surface to roll and flatten the clay and your cutting implements. Dust your cutters or stampers with a bit of cornstarch to prevent sticking, and be sure to use a toothpick to add a hole at the top of the tag where the string or ribbon will go!

After baking, your gift tags will be ready to add some dazzle to your presents.

Get Started With Claying Today

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