5 Festive Thanksgiving Crafts Made With Polymer Clay

It’s that time of year when turkeys, pumpkins and other festive signs of the season pop up. What better way to celebrate than to create unique clay crafts you can enjoy and use to decorate your space year after year? With Sculpey® products, you can design stunning crafts for Thanksgiving whether you’re an experienced crafter or are attempting your first project.

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

If you’re looking for Thanksgiving craft ideas, try these projects:

1. Turkey Napkin Rings

These napkin rings add a festive touch to any table. Use brown and orange oven-bake clay to create leaves and attach them in a fan shape. Shape the head and body of your turkey, using pictures of turkeys as your guide, and Sculpey Premo™ in the colors of your choice. Attach the body to the center of the leaf-shaped feathers and bake in the over according to the clay package directions. Use two-part epoxy to attach a ring to the back of the turkey once the clay is fully cooled.

2. Pumpkins

One of the most popular Halloween and Thanksgiving activities for kids is decorating with pumpkins. Polymer clay pumpkins let you create large or small gourds for spreading the holiday spirit indoors and out. Create a few small oven-bake pumpkins for your Thanksgiving table, or make larger ones to display in windows.

3. Pumpkin Name Cardholders

Help everyone at your Thanksgiving table take a seat. Shape tiny pumpkins out of orange polymer clay with brown for the stem and green for leaves and vines. Bake according to the package instructions and use epoxy to attach a wire cardholder to the top of each pumpkin. As an alternative, you can paint the name of a guest on every pumpkin. Once dinner’s over, these make great DIY Thanksgiving gifts your guests can take home.

4. Candy Corn Earrings

Show off your style by creating simple candy corn shapes using white, yellow and orange polymer clay. Bake in the oven according to the instructions and attach an earring backing to your creation. You can also use air-dry clay for this creation for even lighter Thanksgiving earrings.

5. Fall Leaves

If your kids have been picking up fall leaves and pressing them, put those leaves to use with this adorable project. Gather some dried leaves and roll out polymer clay in your favorite fall colors. Press or roll the real leaves onto the clay so that the veins make impressions into the clay. Pull the leaf off and trim the shape of the leaf you want. Bake according to the clay instructions. 
You can even create large leaves and curl them slightly upward to create a key bowl or a small, autumnal trinket dish. You can use your clay leaves for decorations, make them into earrings or get creative and use them as the basis of other projects!

Discover New Seasonal Craft Inspiration

With Sculpey® products and your imagination, you can create amazing Thanksgiving crafts! Get inspired by the seasonal projects we’ve made, or stock up on polymer clay today and start experimenting!

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