10 Crafts to Make With Liquid Sculpey®

If you’re wondering what to do with liquid polymer clay, that unique fluid clay that comes in a bottle, we’ve got you covered with 10 fun liquid clay projects to try at home. Anyone can make these creations in an afternoon, even with zero claying experience!

Benefits of Using Liquid Sculpey®

Liquid clay is a viscous version of polymer clay that comes in a bottle. Liquid clay bakes in the oven like traditional polymer clay, but it cures to a more flexible form. 

Jewelry crafters and other creators love using Liquid Sculpey® Clear, the most transparent, crystal-clear liquid clay finish on the market. Use liquid polymer clay in your crafts to:

  • Squeeze dots
  • Drizzle details
  • Freehand designs
  • Write words
  • Make outlines
  • Trace images
  • Pour into molds
  • Make clings

10 Liquid Sculpey® Crafts to Make at Home

Discover what to do with Liquid Sculpey® to make your own clings, ornaments, coasters and other crafts. With our ever-growing collection of colors and finishes, project ideas are countless!

1. Mirror and Window Clings

Teachers and students love creating liquid clay crafts to decorate classroom windows for different seasons and educational themes. Place a piece of oven-proof glass over an image. Twist open your Liquid Sculpey® bottle cap a little and trace a thin outline on the glass, then bake. Flood each section with color and bake again. 

These peel-and-stick clings can be repositioned, removed and replaced at any time:

  • Holiday clings: Create interchangeable wreaths, snowflakes, pumpkins, bats and more!
  • Glass door decor: Safe and stylish clings add visibility and pops of color to otherwise plain glass.

2. Stained Glass Panels

Get the look of stained glass for less by making your own! Follow the instructions above for mirror and window clings. Outline with Silver Liquid Sculpey® to resemble leading, and create a slag glass effect by tinting Liquid Sculpey Clear panels with different colors of mica powders or alcohol inks.

The possibilities are endless:

  • Privacy panels: Faux stained glass panels in bathroom windows let in light while maintaining privacy.
  • Transom window: Elevate your entry with a colorful historic transom design complete with address numbers.
  • Upcycled window: Decorate panes in an old window, then hang it on the wall or porch as art.

3. Festive Holiday Ornaments

‘Tis the season to get crafty! Enjoy a snow day making adorable Liquid Sculpey® holiday ornaments with your kids, or create a custom set to give as a gift:

  • Cookie ornaments: Roll a sheet of regular Sculpey® polymer clay. Cut out gingerbread men and holiday trees with cookie cutters. Punch ribbon holes at the top and bake. Decorate with Liquid Sculpey® “icing” and “sprinkles,” then bake again.
  • Lacy snowflakes: The Sculpey Tools™ Oven-Safe Mandala Mold makes delicate snowflake ornaments. Flood mold cavities with Pearl White Liquid Sculpey® and use the included squeegee to remove excess clay. Add snowflakes to trees, wreaths and garlands!

4. Fancy Faux-Stone Coasters

Every desk deserves a little personality! Elevate your workspace with a custom stone-effect coaster:

  • Organic agate coasters: Create natural-looking agate coasters by pouring clear, translucent and metallic Liquid Sculpey® hues in organic rings from the center point of an agate-shaped silicone mold. Incorporate gold flakes for depth and sparkle.
  • Geometric marble coasters: Roll a sheet of regular white Sculpey® polymer clay. Cut out hexagon-shaped coasters and bake. Coat with Liquid Sculpey® Clear, then drizzle light gray, gold and black liquid clay. Drag a feather through the colors for a marbleized look.

5. Nautical Accessories

Elevate your summer decor and coastal designs with a collection of faux-effect sea glass decorations! Use Liquid Sculpey® Translucent Turquoise straight from the bottle, or tint Liquid Sculpey® Clear liquid clay with alcohol inks to create soft blue and green frosted-look glass pieces:

6. Glow-in-the-Dark Designs

Give your crafts a glow-up with Liquid Sculpey® Glow-in-the-Dark! Make Halloween, fantasy, sci-fi and celestial projects with our luminous liquid clay and Sculpey Tools™ Oven-Safe Molds:

  • Moonlit fairy garden: Our Whimsy Mold makes moon faces, stars and wings. Attach glow-in-the-dark wings to a figurine for a custom fairy! Layer pebbles, soil and terrarium plants in a glass bowl, then decorate with your glowing creations.
  • Magical accessories: Cast a collection of spellbinding desk accessories with our Boho Chic Mold. Decorate journals with magic feather “quills.” Add moons and stars to boxes and pencil holders for a study space fit for a wizard.

7. Preserved Botanicals Jewelry

Turn pressed flowers and dried leaves into tiny treasures with Liquid Sculpey®! The Sculpey Tools™ Oven-Safe Molds for jewelry make fantastic flora accessories:

  • Preserved flower earrings: Halfway fill the bottom section of an earring cavity in our Jewelry Mold with Liquid Sculpey® Clear and the smaller top section with Translucent Amber. Place dried flowers with tweezers, fill to the top of the mold, then bake.
  • Fern-tastic fairy pendants: Insert small dried ferns and flowers into our 3D Jewelry Mold cavities, fill with Liquid Sculpey® Clear, add eyehooks suspended by the included metal rods and bake — no drilling needed!

8. Paper Craft Embellishments

Save trips to the craft store by making your own embellishments! DIY details for scrapbooks, cards, gift tags and other papercrafts with our liquid clay and versatile Sculpey Tools™ Oven-Safe Molds:

  • Shower invitations: Decorate baby shower invitations with liquid clay rubber duckies, footprints and teddy bears from our Pet/Baby Mold.
  • Pet projects: The Pet/Baby Mold also makes adorable cats, dogs, paw prints and collar tags — perfect for a scrapbook of furbaby photos!
  • Elegant cards: Create liquid clay lace patterns with our bakeable Lace Mold and layer the lace on top of paper cards, gift tags, gift wrap and boxes.

9. Embellished Picture Frames

Transform an inexpensive picture frame with dimensional details that match your decor using Sculpey® liquid polymer clays and our Sculpey Tools™ Oven-Safe Molds:

  • Nature-inspired: Make 22 unique botanical shapes with the Flowers Mold — ginkgo and ivy leaves, water lilies, flowers and more! Adhere leaves and blossoms to rustic wooden frames and insert your favorite outdoor family photos.
  • Butterflies: Make a kaleidoscope of butterflies using our intricate Butterfly Mold. Add the winged insects to framed photos and directly onto the wall to create a whimsical gallery, as though the fluttering creatures just landed!

10. Mixed-Metal Glam Wear

It’s a great feeling to answer, “I made that!” whenever someone asks where you got your dazzling jewelry. Pour Metallic Liquid Sculpey® into our oven-safe molds to DIY metallic earrings, cabochons, charms and beads:

Liquid Sculpey® Makes Crafting Easy!

At Sculpey®, we love helping beginner crafters and seasoned clayers try new liquid polymer clay projects and find joy in the creative journey. Shop our Liquid Sculpey® polymer clay colors and innovative claying products to make jewelry and decorations at home, any time!

Visit our How-To page to get inspired and learn how to make liquid clay projects, start to finish, or reach out to us to learn more about our products and tools!

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