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    Sculpey III®
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    Original Sculpey®
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    Sculpey Premo™

About us

Thank you for visiting our site. Polyform Products Company has been bringing Sculpey products from our home in Elk Grove Village, IL to yours for over 50 years. All of our oven-bake clay and Liquid Polymer clay is made right here in the USA!

Our Sculpey® oven-bake clays have become one of the most desirable craft clays on the market today. An entire culture has sprouted around this amazing medium – web sites, newsgroups, Etsy businesses and clay retreats. As the market leader, we focus on creating new ways to stimulate and encourage creativity, no matter your experience level with polymer clay!

Sculpey – Where creativity takes shape! This is our mantra here at Polyform and we are continually striving to bring innovation, inspiration and creativity to clayers of all ages and skill levels!


A world where everyone has the courage to express themselves creatively through crafting.


To inspire and empower people to realize their creative potential through inspiration, education and high quality products.