Polymer Clay for Sculpting Dolls

We’re always eager to help Sculpey® enthusiasts by offering much-needed products so their projects can turn out as planned. That’s one of the reasons that we invented Super Sculpey® Living Doll™ polymer clay.

Like all our polymer clay, Super Sculpey® Living Doll™ is a high-quality product. But its many benefits make it the best polymer clay for sculpting dolls.

Advantages to Using Super Sculpey® Living Doll™

What are the biggest advantages of using the Super Sculpey® Living Doll™ polymer clay, whether you’re sculpting superheroes or Santas?

  • It allows you to recreate natural skin tones. One of the biggest problems many sculptors face when creating figurines and dolls is finding a polymer clay that looks lifelike after it’s been cured. Super Sculpey® Living Doll™ has been specially formulated to look very natural. You can even blend different packages to get the exact skin tone you want.
  • It blends and molds beautifully. Have you tried to get fine details out of your polymer clay, only to feel like the texture is somehow not quite what you envisioned? Our Super Sculpey® Living Doll™ clay features superior molding capabilities, allowing you to work your magic.
  • It won’t dry out on your work surfaces. You don’t always have hours to work on your polymer clay doll or figurine project. That’s not an issue with Super Sculpey® Living Doll™. You can keep going back to your clay again and again without fear that it will dry out or start to crack. The only time your clay will harden is when you cure it in the oven.
  • It can be manipulated after baking. Let’s say that you’ve made a basic figure out of your Super Sculpey® Living Doll™ clay, popped it into the oven and it came out as planned. Now, you want to add details. After Super Sculpey® Living Doll™ polymer clay has gone through the curing process, it can be painted using water-based acrylics, sanded or otherwise manipulated, so it looks as planned.
  • It encourages you to expand your sculpting abilities. Whether you’re a part-time crafter or earn some of your living by making and selling polymer clay items, you probably want to explore new creative avenues. With Super Sculpey® Living Doll™, you can test the waters of making realistic dolls and other figures. You’ll get premium results without overpaying.

Purchase Our Clay to Get Started

Are you excited to try our Super Sculpey® Living Doll™ polymer clay on your next project? We encourage you to get one or more packages, especially if you feel that you might need to blend a couple of colors to get a suitable flesh tone. Don’t worry about any leftover clay drying — Super Sculpey® Living Doll™ will stay pliable and fresh for a long time. 

Add a new Sculpey® favorite to your craft area, room or workshop. Try some Super Sculpey® Living Doll™ polymer clay soon and let us know how you like this great addition to our lineup of products. 

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