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How to Create a Skinner Blend

The Skinner Blend results in a gradation of colors from light to dark and creates beautiful depth; the Blend was developed by Judith Skinner. It is important to keep your work space clean and to frequently clean your hands after using other colors.
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how to create a skinner blend
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how to create a skinner blendcreate a clay skinner blend
Please note you can use whatever clay colors you wish to create a skinner blend. Colors shown are for example.

Project Instructions

Begin with two colors that you will have "fade" from one into the other. A general rule of thumb is to use equal amounts of clay for an even blend (for example, 2 oz of red and 2 oz of white). Condition separately using a #1 setting on your pasta machine, lighter color(s) first. The resulting sheets should be the width of your pasta machine. Cut equal size 90 degree triangles of each color.
two pieces of clay cut for a skinner blend
Fold the bottom of the joined triangles up to the top. Insert the folded bottom into the pasta machine, keeping it in the same orientation when it comes out of the rollers
clay joined as triangles
Fold again in the SAME direction and roll through with the fold inserted FIRST. Repeat 20 times until the blend is smooth and complete, colors are gradated as shown.
polymer clay folded
When the blend is complete, run the blended clay through the pasta machine on a #3 setting.
polymer clay blended
Cut triangles and place together as shown in the photo below. Note that the outside pieces are just one triangle cut in half.
polymer clay cut into triangles
Fold this assembly in half from top to bottom. Roll through the pasta machine FOLD-FIRST on a #1 setting. Keep folding and rolling, always in the same direction. This will take about 20 times.
roll polymer clay triangles
Now you have your final blend. See how the colors flow! Now, fold in half and roll with a brayer or rod to remove any air bubbles. You now have 2 layers of clay in a #1 thickness.
blended polymer clay
For the rainbow blend, lay your triangles in the pattern indicated in the photo, following the left to right arrangement of colors.
rainbow clay
Split the red triangle down the middle and put one half on the other side of the green to create a rectangle. Fold the blend in half from TOP TO BOTTOM.
rainbow clay triangles
Run through your pasta machine, folded portion first. Continue folding in the SAME direction and running through the machine. It takes about 20-25 repetitions of these two steps -- don't give up!
rainbow clay blended
The final blend should look something like this.
final rainbow polymer clay blend
Use the same steps as above to create a Basic 2 Color Blend.
purple polymer clay
Once your sheet of clay is evenly blended use your Super Slicer to cut a strip off. Add a small roll of clay to the end of the sheet, one that is the same as the end color. Roll very tightly.
even polymer clay
Reduce the cane slightly, working from the middle to the outer edges. You can now cut slices off the cane for use in other projects.
cut polymer clay into cane