When to Use What Super Sculpey by Ace of Clay

My go-to Sculpey clays are always the Super Sculpey line. I use Super Sculpey Original and Firm the most. I love using both clays together on one project to take advantage of their different properties.

While both clays can be used to create entire sculptures alone, using them for different areas will make the job easier so that you can get to the fun part of your sculpt—the details!

I like to use Super Sculpey Original for large parts of my sculptures like bodies and any props. The softness of this clay allows it to be conditioned quickly so you can get right to work. It holds detail great and is easily blended and smoothed. Super Sculpey Original comes in beige and gray so if I want to use it with my gray Super Sculpey firm and not paint the sculpture, you won’t be able to tell what parts are original and what parts are firm.

For smaller and more detailed areas I love using Super Sculpey Firm. This clay has the same velvety texture as Super Sculpey Original making it easy to smooth and blend, but it is much firmer. The firmness helps the clay to hold its shape when used for small parts. Both clays, in my experience, cure to the same hardness and accept paint beautifully.

I like to use a combination of aluminum foil and Super Sculpey Ultralight for bulking my sculptures. I’m able to map out general shapes with the foil and then refine the underlying structure with the Ultralight over top. Once baked, the UL creates a fantastic surface to add Super Sculpey.

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