What Are Polymer Clay Multipacks?

What Are Polymer Clay Multipacks?

Loved by crafters, polymer clay is a type of modeling clay made from a synthetic plastic polymer. Composed of resins, polymers, coloring agents, and other fillers, polymer clay is a versatile material that retains its size and beautiful coloring even after the baking process. 

Sculpey® polymer clays come in a variety of bright hues, textures, and visual effects, including iridescent, metallics, and glow in the dark to enhance your artistic vision. Our Sculpey® multipacks allow you to mix and match your favorite colors and clay types with ease. Each pack includes different Sculpey® brands, color combinations, and effects, so you have the right assortment to design your upcoming project. 

You can form our clay into various shapes, from beads to detailed ornaments. You can even blend clays with unique colors for customized creations. With Sculpey® multipacks, you won’t need to buy each clay individually to complete your finished product — our multipacks contain the perfect mix for your needs.

Benefits of Sculpey® Multipacks

Multipacks are a great way for you to get a feel for what Sculpey® clay can bring to your craft projects. With Sculpey® multipacks, you can enjoy many benefits:

  • – Discover your own preferences
  • – Choose colors and effects that suit your project
  • – Explore our brands, including Sculpey Premo™, Soufflé™ and Sculpey III®
  • – Enjoy highly pliable, easy-to-work-with, and nontoxic clay
  • Easily cut, shape, roll, paint and design your creations
  • – Make alluring crafts, jewelry, decor, and other items
  • – Cure without a professional oven or kiln

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