Polymer Clay and Essential Oils

Essential oils come in countless fragrances. They run the gamut from fresh scents like lemon and cinnamon to earthy aromas like sandalwood and patchouli. Is it any wonder that so many homes have at least one essential oil diffuser?

As a clayer, you can experiment with essential oils in your crafts made of polymer clay. Below are some ways to merge claying with essential oils. 

Decorate an Essential Oil Diffuser With Polymer Clay Designs

The most basic essential oil diffuser requires only three elements — a non-porous container, reed diffuser sticks and high-quality essential oil. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t add a little pizzazz in the form of polymer clay decorative touches.

For example, you might want to cover the outside of a glass jar with polymer clay pieces shaped like shells, circles or other fun items. The glass jar should be able to handle your oven heat while baking your polymer clay. You could also choose to use non-bake clay like Sculpey Air-Dry™.

Mix Essential Oils Into Your Polymer Clay for Specialty Projects

Want to create a polymer clay craft that has a lingering fragrance? Many clayers like to dip a small bit of polymer clay into essential oil. That way, you can bake the smell of the essential oil into your project.

The trick to making this process work is to ensure that you have a light hand when it comes to adding essential oil. Too much essential oil in your polymer clay will lead to a too-soft, sticky outcome. You should only put a small amount of essential oil on the tip of a piece of clay. Next, you’ll condition the fragrant clay into a bigger piece of clay.

You can then mold, shape and bake your polymer clay as desired. Your clay will have a light scent to it for a lasting aroma.

Add Essential Oil Droplets to Your Finished Baked Polymer Clay Items

Baked polymer clay has a porous nature, which means it’ll hold onto essential oils. While you don’t want to saturate all your polymer clay items with essential oils, you can make crafts that make sense for you to scent.

For instance, why not create small essential oil-infused polymer clay air fresheners for your car? You can hang them from the rearview mirror or attach them to your interior air vents. All you need is a drop or two of pure, natural essential oil. Add the oil to the back of your polymer clay air freshener and you’ll be good to go!

Have Fun With Polymer Clay Essential Oil Crafts

Essential oils can be a part of your claying fun. Be cautious when using essential oils with any pieces that you intend to use for polymer clay jewelry. After all, you shouldn’t use essential oils directly on the skin.

Are you looking for the right clay for your colorful, engaging and imaginative essential oil projects? At Sculpey, you’ll always find the exceptional polymer clay you need to bring your creativity to light!

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