New Color Tuesday! Introducing Sculpey Soufflé™ Cabernet 1:1 Mixes

Wow! I get to introduce a NEW color every week this month! (And I’m doing 4 mixes instead of the usual 3). Well, I don’t need to describe this color to you – the name says it all! Like its liquid namesake, this color is deep, rich and slightly wicked…

First up, I teamed the Soufflé™ Cabernet with its new little sister, Soufflé™ Sedona to create a lovely, yet earthy blush color that I would love to have in a lipstick. These two colors team so well, I would add Soufflé™ Ivory for the highlight color but still keeping the rich warmth flowing.

Premo™ Gold took the Soufflé™ Cabernet for a quick little 1:1 spin and created a rich warm Copper color and made me cheer.

And my favorite Wild Card, Premo™ Wasabi, almost lost the race with Soufflé™ Cabernet but it did create a great warm orange that would be a perfect offset highlight with a mid-tone grey for instance.

The mysterious depths of Soufflé™ Sea Glass got to meet the likewise deep depths of Cabernet in a 1:1 mix that created a gorgeous plum color – now we have a dessert color for our Cabernet. Actually those two colors and their 1:1 mix would be a great palette on their own wouldn’t they?

I can’t wait to team Soufflé™ Cabernet up with some of the many other Sculpey colors to create wonderful new palettes!

Share your favorite Sculpey mixes with us by using the hashtag #HowDoYouSculpey and don’t forget to mention which clay you are using (#Premo or #Souffle)
xoxo, syn

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