Make Your Own Silicone Mold

To save you time! Creating and using silicone molds for your clay projects helps speed up your process by not having to hand sculpt multiple of the same pieces over and over. Keep reading to learn how you can make your very own molds at home.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

  • The most important thing you’ll need is your silicone kit! I use the Smooth-On OOMOO 25 mold making kit. This is a simple 2 part mixture.
    • You will also need the object you want to make a mold out of. You can:
    • Make your own shape such as a flower or little animal. You will just need to sculpt your clay shapes, bake them as you usually do and you will use these finished baked pieces for the next steps.
    • ○ Or you can use an already existing object, in these images you can see I’ve used some candy.
  • TIP: It’s best to use an object that has 1 flat surface as that will make it easier later in the mold making process.
  • Additional supplies needed:
    • Mixing cup for silicone mixture
    • Stir sticks
    • Super glue
    • Container for your mold. If you have a flexible container that you can pop the final mold out of, that’s great! Otherwise you can just use a smaller cardboard box or in my case I just put up a plastic cup to use the bottom part. You just have to make sure the walls of your container are taller than the object you’re making a mold of.
    • Optional: Scissors or Xacto knife to cut the the container holding your mold (not needed if you have a flexible container)

Step 2: Create Your Mixture

  • Follow the instructions of whichever mold making kit you use. For the one I’m using all you need to do is shake Part A and Part B well and pour an equal amount of each into a cup.
  • Use a stir stick to combine well.

Step 3: Prep Your Mold Container

  • Take the object you want a mold of and add a bit of super glue to the flat base.
  • Attach this to the middle of your chosen container. Make sure the glue dries fully before adding the mixture.

Step 4: Pour and Wait

  • Pour your mixed silicone liquid into the container. Make sure your object is fully covered. I recommend filling up the container a bit more than the height of your object so there aren’t any weak spots.
  • I usually just set the container by the window for a full day before taking it out. This is just as a precaution because you definitely don’t want to start removing it before it fully sets!

Step 5: Remove and Use

  • Once your silicone is fully set then now it’s time to remove it from your container. If you have a disposable container you can use your scissors or xacto knife to cut down the walls to make extracting the mold easier.
  • In most cases the object you molded will be stuck to the container, but sometimes they may be stuck inside your mold. In this case you can just flex your now finished mold a bit and remove the object.
  • And there you have it! Your own custom silicone mold you can now use for your clay projects.

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