How to Use Liquid Sculpey® With Molds

At Sculpey®, we’re always trying to develop new and exciting products, including our Liquid Sculpey®. This liquid polymer clay in a bottle is a versatile product that comes in several colors, so you can expand what you make with clay. You can drizzle and dab Liquid Sculpey® on a variety of products or use it on its own. 

Liquid Sculpey® is also hugely popular for use with flexible silicone molds. If you’ve never tried this combination, check out our tips and tricks below. 

What Are Polymer Clay Molds?

Polymer clay molds offer specific shapes, from standard geometric options such as circles and teardrops, to intricate designs such as lacy forms. These molds are meant to be baked in the oven with clay, allowing the clay to hold its shape beautifully.

Cutters are not the same as clay molds. Although cutters can help you get a molded look with firmer, more traditional polymer clay, cutters aren’t meant for use with Liquid Sculpey® because they don’t have a bottom surface to catch and contain the liquid.

How Can You Use Liquid Sculpey® With Molds? 

To use Liquid Sculpey® with molds, you’ll need a few items, including at least one bottle of Liquid Sculpey®. Our in-house designers love working with the gold and silver Liquid Sculpey® tones. Next, you’ll need a mold — you can find various options on our website

Finally, you’ll want to have either a standard oven or toaster oven. Be sure you don’t have the convection option activated as the air will cause ripples in the surface of the Liquid Sculpey®.

Getting Your Liquid Sculpey® Into the Molds

A simple way to get your Liquid Sculpey® into your molds is by simply pouring it into the pre-warmed mold itself. Be sure to tap the mold a few times against your work surface to release any bubbles.

You may want to include glitter, dried flowers, small metal shapes or even spices if you’re looking to add drama to your Liquid Sculpey® molded creation. 

For instance, let’s say you want to slightly mix two Liquid Sculpey® colors in the same mold. Carefully pour a little of one color into the mold, and then the other color. Use a toothpick to gently create swirls and elegant designs.

You could also add glitter to your Liquid Sculpey® to give your project a bit of sparkle and dimension. Pick up a little glitter with the handle of a plastic spoon and drop it into the warmed-up mold. Then, fill the mold about half full with Liquid Sculpey® and use a toothpick to combine the Sculpey® and glitter. Fill the mold with more Liquid Sculpey® — and glitter, if desired — and repeat. Try not to overfill your mold.

Getting Your Liquid Sculpey® Out of Flexible Silicone Molds

It’s easy to get cured Liquid Sculpey® out of your flexible silicone mold. As long as you’ve followed the right baking directions, you should be able to pop out your creation.

Start Creating With Sculpey®

Are you ready to start exploring creative opportunities with Liquid Sculpey®? Purchase some molds today and let your imagination run free!

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