How to Store Polymer Clay Canes

Making polymer clay canes is a creative, fun way to take your jewelry and other clay projects to the next level. Creating the patterns and designs within the canes is especially exciting. The sky is the limit, from flowers to braided lines and more. These designs take time, so you should ensure that you store your polymer clay canes the right way so you can reuse them in the future.

If you’re looking for a way to store your intricate canes, let Sculpey® help you invest in the best storage equipment!

What Are Polymer Canes?

Polymer canes are a result of creative and strategic combinations of colored polymer clays. To make one, you start by arranging different colors of clay in a specific way to create a design on each end. Then, surround that clay with a larger portion of colored clay. Roll the combined materials into a log. The rolling motion helps the colors mold together to create your desired pattern. 

When the clays have been well combined, you can cut down the center of the log. The internal cut will reveal the ultimate design. Polymer canes are a fantastic way for crafters to express their inner artistic personalities. There are no rules, so any design or pattern is possible. No matter what colors or arrangments you choose, you can slice the clay to get consistent pieces. 

You can manipulate the shape of clay cane pieces to create jewelry beads, tiles or even delicate additions to sculptures or holiday ornaments. 

How Do I Store My Polymer Canes?

Storing polymer clay canes is one of the essential steps in caring for your materials. It’s best to avoid keeping your clay in areas or within materials that leave it vulnerable to damage and dirt. 

Two popular recommendations for storing polymer clay canes are wax deli sheets and storage bags, but neither solution is ideal. Deli sheets leave the ends of your canes exposed. Storage bags can stick to the clay, and it’s best to designate one polymer cane to one storage bag, which gets expensive.

If you want to know how to store polymer clays without them sticking together or getting dirty, the best method is storage containers made out of polypropylene (PP) plastic. Hint: Look for the recycling symbol #5 on the bottom of the container.

Short, wide storage containers with secure lids are perfect for keeping your polymer clay canes safe. Containers are spacious enough to store more than one cane, and many container brands design their boxes to stack, helping you keep your crafting space clean and tidy.

The essential trait you want to look for in these storage containers is a flat interior bottom. A flat floor makes it easy to stand your canes up. Standing them up allows you to maximize the space and prevent them from rolling around and mixing. 

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