How to Seal Polymer Clay

Once you’ve created and cured your polymer clay creation, it’s time to add the finishing touches. Sealing polymer clay is an optional step that lets you enhance your creation’s appearance. If you decide to seal your clay project, you can choose from plenty of options to achieve your desired look. 

1. Choose a Sealant 

The first step is deciding how you want your finished product to look. If you use other media, like mica powders or glitter, sealants can ensure they stay intact and enhance the overall appearance. Choose a sealant that works with all media and our polymer clay. 

There are a few different types of sealant, including:  

  • Resin: You can apply resin to flat objects for a glossy, clear finish. The resin will make your project hard and leave a professional, elegant look. 
  • Gloss varnish: You can apply most gloss varnishes with a brush for a shiny final product. They work on all shapes, but some might react with mixed media and polymer clay.
  • Matte varnish: If you want a natural look, apply matte varnish to your pieces. Make sure to buff out any bumps or fingerprints before using it. 

We recommend making a test piece to try out your sealant before applying it to your work. You can practice your application technique and feel how the sealant sets after it finishes curing. 

2. Apply Polymer Clay Sealers

Follow the directions on your clay sealer for the best results. Each sealant is different, so be sure to follow the directions. 

You can apply most varnishes with a brush and let them dry. Resin takes longer to cure, and there is sometimes more prep work — combining the materials, mixing and pouring. You can apply wax with a brush and buff it after it dries.

3. Let Dry and Enjoy

Wait until your sealant is completely dry, and then admire your hard work! Sealants are excellent for jewelry, Christmas ornaments, plaques and figurines. You can get as creative as you want and explore different clay, media and sealant combinations.

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