Make The Perfect Gift for Crafters in Your Life!

If you have crafters in your life, a homemade craft gift basket is the ideal way to celebrate a holiday, birthday or any occasion. Crafters love new supplies, and you can customize your craft basket gift to be a truly unique and thoughtful present for a special someone. The possibilities are endless with Sculpey!

How to Make a Craft Basket

If you’re making a craft basket as a gift for someone, use these gift basket ideas to add the “wow” factor to your present:

  • Choose your basket carefully: Consider a basket or container that can double as a place to store supplies and tools. Extra storage space is always appreciated! A box with a lid or an attractive wicker basket are both wonderful options.
  • Choose materials and tools they love: Think about the crafter you’re creating your basket for. If they love working with clay, purchase some quality Sculpey® polymer clay for your basket. For a crafter who works with kids on projects, air-dry clay can be lots of fun for everyone. Don’t forget some versatile Liquid Sculpey® for embellishing or finishing projects.
  • Choose new-to-them products to try: Expand your crafter’s horizons with new products to try. Kits are a great way to try a new medium and they contain everything your gift recipient needs to get started! Or consider adding in a few polymer clay multi-packs so your crafter can try a few new products they may have been considering.
  • Include “extras” for fun: Why not add in a gift card so your gift recipient can buy whatever they wish, or add in an offer to work on a project together during a craft night. You can print off how-to instructions for a project you think they might enjoy — and be sure to include all the materials they’ll need! A thoughtful note, snacks for craft time or other extras make your crafter gift basket special for the person receiving it.
  • Present your gift beautifully: Of course, part of the fun of putting together a gift basket is presenting it beautifully. Arrange your items in your basket so that larger items are in the back and smaller items are in the front. Or, you can arrange tools and materials on top and add any “extras” under them as a surprise. Spend some time wrapping your gift basket with colorful wrapping and a big bow.
  • Include cleaning supplies: Baby wipes are the perfect addition to any gift basket. Clay projects get messy and baby wipes will help the crafter in your life clean up after the mess they make while creating.
  • Include needed clay baking tools: A thermometer and a baking sheet are must-haves when baking polymer clay. Include these in your gift basket to help your crafter bake their clay projects more easily.
  • Include clay extras: Many crafters love making clay jewelry. Including jewelry-making supplies like molds and bead-making kits will help them create beautiful clay jewelry projects.

Get Started on Your Craft Gift Basket

If you have a crafter on your gift list, start putting your basket together by browsing Sculpey products. Our American-made products, including our polymer clay, are the best on the market.

Our oven-bake clays have been around for 50 decades and we still have the best features and color palettes available today. For example, our Sculpey Premo™ gold features the best mica shift on the market and our clear Liquid Sculpey® is the clearest. When you give our products, you’re giving the very best. Browse our products today and start putting together a gift basket sure to impress any crafter!

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