Can You Rebake Polymer Clay?

If the piece in question has not been glazed or painted, you absolutely can rebake polymer clay. Depending on the project, baking polymer clay multiple times may be the only way to make sure it turns out correctly. 

If you do decide to rebake a polymer clay project, be sure to let it cool completely between baking cycles. Also, check that your oven is at the correct temperature so the clay doesn’t overheat. As long as you’re following the package instructions — and using an oven thermometer to maintain the proper temperature — you can bake polymer clay multiple times and complete a complicated piece in multiple steps. 

Is Rebaking Polymer Clay Safe?

Yes, rebaking polymer clay is safe if your piece has not undergone any painting or glazing. In the case of polymer clay beads, it is permittable to bake your beads as many times as you’d like. 

Baking polymer beads in multiple stages is an excellent way to add layered design elements. For example, you can create a “base” polymer clay bead using scrap clay, bake it, and then layer some intricate cane slices to the top. 

When to Rebake Polymer Clay

So you haven’t painted or glazed your polymer clay piece and are wondering if a rebake is warranted. How do you know for sure?

Here are a few situations in which it may be time to rebake your polymer clay:

1. Your Polymer Clay Figurine Cannot Stand on Its Own 

You may pull your polymer clay figurine out of the oven only to find that it is improperly balanced and cannot stand without tipping over. If your character does not have a tail or other type of third anchor point, try adding more polymer clay to the soles of its feet — especially to the front and back. Remember that cured and uncured clays will not blend together, so wrap the new additions a little way up the feet for security. 

Once you attach the improvements to the feet, test the figurine to make sure it stands before placing it back in the oven. 

2. Your Polymer Clay Creation Is Still Soft After Baking 

If you take your clay out of the oven and find it’s still soft, it could be one of two reasons: the temperature was too low, or it wasn’t baked long enough. Test the accuracy of your oven with an independent thermometer and give the piece another baking cycle. 

Tips for Rebaking Polymer Clay

Tips for baking polymer clay.

If you want to rebake your polymer clay piece, the most important thing to know is how long to bake it and at what temperature. Check our FAQ page for exact baking instructions by brand.

To prevent overcooking your clay, always refer to the baking instructions on the label of the package. Also, it’s imperative to allow the piece plenty of time to cool down before handling it. 

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