Translucent Liquid Sculpey

  • Mix with oil paints , pigments or mica powers and use an enamel, glaze or a back filling compound
  • Can be colored with alcohol-based inks before or after baking
  • Fantastic medium to use for transfer 
  • Great for detailing miniature pieces and for “drawing” with clay
  • Perfect for using with molds and building by baking and re-baking layers*
  • Available in 2 fl oz (59mL)
  • To thin: Add Sculpey® Clay Softener until desired consistency is reached
  • To thicken – add mica powder and stir until desired consistency is reached
  • Image transfer: Spread thin layer on image.  Bake according to instructions.  Remove from oven and soak in water for 5 minutes.  Gently rub off paper with fingers. 

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