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Sculpey III Snakeskin Tear Drop Earrings

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These textured earrings look timeless and are easy to make! Perfect to pair with jeans and a tee or with a dress for a night out on the town!
Water spritzer, Paper towel, Two gunmetal ear wires, Six gunmetal 8mm jump rings, Jewelry pliers|Water spritzer, Paper towel, Two gunmetal ear wires, Six gunmetal 8mm jump rings, Jewelry pliers

Project Instructions

Roll half of the the Premo! Sculpey Copper clay through the Clay Conditioning Machine on the widest setting (#1) about 3-4 times to condition it and make the clay more pliable. Place the sheet of clay on an index card or sheet of plain white paper and place the paper on a hard surface floor.
Lightly spray the large texture stamp with water (water acts as a mold release so that the stamp won't stick to the clay) and place the stamp on top of the clay. Now step directly on the top of the stamp. I walk around the sheet of paper and step on the stamp from all four directions. This will ensure an even, deep embossing of the texture. Use the heart cutter to cut out as many hearts as possible from the textured clay. Look for interesting patterns created by the textured clay and the cutter. If necessary, repeat steps 1-3 until you have 9 heart/leaves.
Pinch the back of the heart at the top center to create a folded look. You can also pinch and pull the bottom of the heart to accentuate the point.
Use the blunt point tool to draw in the center vein of the leaf and the side veins.
Flip the heart/leaf over and use the needle tool to drill through the pinched area of clay. Keep the hole near to top of the heart/leaf so that it will hang correctly when you string it.
Bake the completed leaves and allow them to cool.
Wash the entire surface of the baked heart/leaf with the turquoise paint, using the small foam brush or your fingertip. (You may want to wear disposable gloves so that you don't end up with colorful fingers like mine!)
Quickly wipe the top surface of the leaf with a dampened paper towel to remove the excess paint from the upper surfaces of the texture.
Dip your finger into the Spring Green Pearl Ex Powder and pat it onto random areas of the wet paint. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly.
Once the paint is dry, rub your finger across the Copper Pearl Ex Stamp Pad and rub Copper highlights randomly on the leaf. Allow the ink to dry or heat set it. At this point, you can seal the clay with the Matte Glaze.
While the heart/leaves are drying, cut 9 4 inch lengths of wire and use your pliers to create a small tight coil at one end of the wire.
Thread the straight end of a piece of wire through the back hole of the heart/leaf. Bend up about 1 inch of wire and add a loop at the top that is perpendicular to the surface of the leaf. Use your round nosed pliers to add curves down the length of the remaining wire. NOTE: if you are adding a bead or charm, thread it onto the wire before threading the wire through the back of the heart/leaf.
Bend the front portion of the wire, with the coil (and bead or charm) down against the front of the leaf.
Attach the leaves using the top loop created in step 13 to the chain, spacing the leaves evenly across the chain. Add a clasp of your choice. I made a simple ā€œSā€ clasp to hook into the last loop of chain using the remaining copper wire.