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Sculpey® Products

Are you a jewelry-maker, crafter or teacher looking for creative activities? If so, Sculpey® products are perfect for you.

From our humble beginnings in the 1960s to widespread acclaim in the new millennium, Sculpey® clays have become one of the most sought-after craft clays on the market.


What Is Polymer Clay?


Polymer clay is an umbrella term for a family of human-made clays that are pliable and soft until baked or heated, at which point they assume a permanently hard state.

Loved by a wide range of crafters, from kids and students to adults, polymer clay is a polyvinyl chloride compound combined with a plasticizer for flexibility and multiple fillers for color and texture. Along with its ease of use and brilliant colors, the clay can be formed into various shapes, such as beads, wall hangings, detailed miniatures and holiday ornaments.

As an incredibly malleable plastic, polymer clay can be shaped and reshaped several times without deterioration. Polymer clay can also remain workable even if it sits around for years — as long as it is stored away from direct sunlight and excessive heat. This medium cures at significantly lower temperatures than earthen clays and can be cured in a toaster oven or home oven. 

Polymer clay is typically used to make craft jewelry and decorative parts and ornaments in commercial applications. You can even find pieces made from polymer clay in major museums today.


Sculpey® Products 


When you choose polymer clay and clay products from Sculpey®, you'll enjoy access to multiple clay lines, tools, accessories, mediums and glazes.

Polymer Clays

Sculpey® clay lines encompass the following:


Sculpey® Tools and Accessories

Sculpey® offers a large inventory of high-quality polymer clay tools for clayers of all skill levels, along with inspiring accessories and craft add-ons. We have the tools you need for fine detailing and jewelry-making, from our starter sets to more advanced instruments.

Polymer clay bead-making tools from Sculpey® include the Sculpey® Bead Maker and the Sculpey® Hollow Bead Maker. Both tools help provide a hassle-free bead-making process when inspiration strikes.

Mediums and Glazes

There are several varnishes, clear coatings and sealers available for polymer clay.


Order Your Favorite Polymer Clay Products From Sculpey® Today

Whether you're a polymer clay beginner, an enthusiast searching for inspiration or a professional clayer looking for unbeatable service, selection and prices, Sculpey® is here for you. We are excited to help you express your imagination through your hands. Sculpey® offers the most innovative polymer clay on the market with the best features and color palettes. 

If you have questions about which Sculpey® item is best for your project, please reach out to a representative online. Or, feel free to browse our Sculpey® products, including various polymer clay linesmediumstools and accessories today.