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  1. Sculpey Soufflé™ French Pink 1.7 oz
    Sculpey Soufflé™ French Pink 1.7 oz

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Web Exclusives

At Sculpey®, we have many clay products to suit every type of clayer out there. From clays with different finishes to unique and easy-to-sculpt formulations, we've created an extensive selection of clay types and accessories that will suit all your crafting needs and preferences. This way, you never have to slow your imagination, and you can use all your free time to create customized creations with your little ones. 

Our web-exclusive products which are only availiable on offer a great opportunity to grow your clay collection even more and incorporate new accessories into your crafting time. Whether you want to add subtle accents to your designs or try a color you've never seen before, our range of web exclusives is for you!


Benefits of Playing and Working With Clay 

When you introduce clay into your household, you and your kids will experience multiple benefits you may not have anticipated. When your kids start using our clay to create their own masterpieces, they will:

- Develop more vivid imaginations: Because your kids form their creations from their own ideas, they can bring their visions to life with clay.

-Learn how to express emotions: Your little ones may not be aware of it, but how they shape their clay reveals their feelings, which will help them express their emotions.

- Play effectively and learn quickly: By engaging in an activity that exercises their creativity, your kids will become accustomed to learning through play.

- Refine their senses: Shaping clay is an effective way to engage your child's sensory development. They can strengthen different senses by touching and visually assessing their clay options.


Explore Our Web Exclusives

If you're interested in expanding your crafting techniques or introducing your kids to an engaging and exciting hobby, browse our range of web exclusives. With our array of products, it's easy to find a clay accessory that will bring your next masterpiece to life. Order a web exclusive today to try it out!