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Super Sculpey Medium™


Are you a creative crafter or a lover of working with your hands? When you craft with polymer clay, you open the door to a world full of unique outcomes, creative exploration and numerous shape possibilities. 

Super Sculpey Medium™ is the perfect choice when you need premium clay for highly detailed projects. As one of the firmest and most flexible polymer clays on the market, Super SculpeyMedium™ is ideal for creating unique pieces for your cosplay costume, making lifelike sculptures of fantasy characters and shaping small figurines for fun and display. 

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All About Super Sculpey Medium™ 

As a perfect composite of Super Sculpey Firm™ and Super Sculpey®, Super Sculpey Medium™ offers both the strength and pliability you need to make detailed, long-lasting and intricate structures. For comprehensive clay creations, Super Sculpey Medium™ allows you to focus on using various techniques to build out shapes for a multifaceted final product.

Some of the benefits of Super Sculpey Medium™ include:

  • You can combine it with other clays.
  • It's soft enough to comfortably mold, build and bend pieces, yet firm enough to hold its shape.
  • Super SculpeyMedium™ allows you to easily carve complex patterns and details into your clay projects.
  • It's chip-resistant and shatterproof once baked.
  • This clay remains soft until baked in a home oven — it will not air dry.
  • You can sand, drill, carve and paint Super Sculpey Medium™ with water-based acrylic paints.
  • Any extra clay will not dry out, and you can store and reuse it for future projects.
  • The clay has highly flexible properties and can blend after you slightly knead it.
  • Super Sculpey Medium™ allows you to cut down on sanding time due to its smooth blending abilities.
  • The gray color allows for maximum detail visibility when sculpting.

Super SculpeyMedium™ Is Perfect for Creating Sculptures and Molding Masks 

Super Sculpey Medium™ is a favorite among clayers due to its gray color. When using this Super Sculpey® polymer clay blend, photographers and clayers can see and capture even the smallest details on film.

As a compound in the Super Sculpey® clay family, Super Sculpey Medium™ can be carved and used for projects requiring intricate detail. Movie studios and doll-makers worldwide revere this clay for creating sculptures or authentic figurines.

What Can I Make With Super Sculpey Medium™? 

At Sculpey®, we love to show off the creativity of our featured artists and crafters worldwide. 

If you're looking to generate some ideas for what to make with Super Sculpey Medium™, check out popular sculptor Ace of Clay. He shares tips, tricks and tutorials for beginner and experienced sculptors alike.

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